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[Guides] Labyrinth Introduction

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Posted on 11/23/17 12:54:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.The Labyrinth consists of multiple mazes on different floors. Currently, you can explore up to 50 floors in the Labyrinth.

2. The Labyrinth is a seasonal feature. Each season lasts 3 days. There is a 2-day cooldown between seasons. You will be awarded with Fame and Blue Crystals, depending on your best score at the end of a season.

3. Create a team (of up to 9 Heroes) to explore and fight in the Labyrinth.

4. The Monsters’ and Goblins’ (Bosses) difficulty increases with each floor. 

5.Consume Labyrinth Stamina to explore and fight Monsters. Defeat Monsters to score points and restore Stamina. 

6. From version 1.4.7 onwards, challenging a Goblin will not consume Stamina. Goblins can be tough, so be sure to adjust your team and strategy accordingly.   

7. Defeat a Goblin to earn points and a stash of rewards.

8. You can get items such as Red Crystals, Crests, Honor Badges, etc. from the Goblins’ Labyrinth Chests. Each Goblin will only drop Labyrinth Chests once per season, even if you reset the Labyrinth.    

9. You can reset the Labyrinth during the season if you wish to improve your score. Rewards will be based on your best score for each season.

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