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[Guides] Labyrinth Introduction

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Entend tu le chant de ta fin ?
Un requiem en guise d adieu, une célébration pour ta chute imminente.
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Low reward

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I will agree. I have all 15 heroes in the battle devo and maxed as far as can be. Even my ghoulum. Yet I lose most of the time against goblin. Maybe 1 outage 5. Yes I still use some old heroes. Vlad. Aries. PD. But these are heroes I feel should still have vital roles I  the game. Seems like IGG pushes old heroes away as new ones come out. But I was on the grind for months with these guys back then! Anyways. The rewards are low unless you want to spend half a day playing. I run through it fast and dont spend gems. Wherever I stop I stay.

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