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[Guides] Introduction to Insignias

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Posted on 6/18/18 10:28:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Tap “Chests” in the Heroes Altar. 

Each Hero may inlay either Crests or an Insignia. A Hero’s inlayed Insignia will be removed automatically when you inlay Crests, and vice versa.

Convert a complete Crest Set into an Insignia. (Insignias do not take up Warehouse slots.)

Insignias grant higher attribute bonuses than the Crest Sets they were converted from.

To upgrade an Insignia to Lv6, use two of the same Lv5 Insignias and an Insignia Rune. (Note: Revitalize, Psyshield, Corrode, Heaven's Wrath and Condemnation Insignias cannot be upgraded to Lv6.)  

Inlaying an Insignia grants the same effect as its Crest Set of the same level.

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