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[Guides] Introduction to Wardens

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After 1.4.7 update, my warden is still not showing. I think it's because I have 3 heroes from 2 factions so it doesn't know which is majority. I think we should be allowed to pick which warden we want to use. This was introduced as rock, paper, scissors so that's what I thought would happen. If you select 1 hero with that warden then only that hero gets the buff. The majority rule thing isn't working.

Posted on 9/17/18 1:24:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why did you guys remove the update cost? That should be included in the info for players to see. Seems like you're trying to hide that fact, so players don't realize just how hard it'll be to upgrade. Unless of course they buy them from the bazaar.

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