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[Guides] Challenge a Warden

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Posted on 1/28/19 1:06:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. How to Access
  1.1 Main interface

  1.2 Forgotten Trial interface

2. Main UI

3. Purchase ATK Bonus

4. Rankings

5. Team Formation Interface

6. Event Description

1. During the event, players must deploy Heroes that can subdue the enemy Warden. Deploy the recommended Heroes to gain HP and ATK boosts.
2. Before each challenge, you can buy an “ATK Bonus” to bolster your might. The ATK Bonus activates once the battle begins, and lasts throughout the battle.
3. Your challenge chance will only be deducted if you fail to defeat the Warden. You can also buy 1 challenge chance per day.
4. The Warden is at Lv 1 on the first challenge of each season. Its level will be raised to Lv 10 when you defeat it. The Warden's level will increase by 10 after each victory. The Warden's highest level is Lv 90.
5. Win a random reward every time you win the challenge. At the end of each season, you will also win a reward based on your ranking. (This reward must be collected manually.)
6. Each season lasts for 1 week.