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[Guides] Building Style Overview

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Posted on 1/28/19 1:07:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Collect respective Scraps to exchange for and enhance Building Skins.
2. Use a Building Skin to change the appearance of the respective Building in your base.
3. Obtain alternate Building Skins to gain attribute boosts (you don't have to use the Skins after obtaining them). Enhance the Building Skin to increase the attribute boosts.
4. Building Skins are classified by their Building Style. The enhancement levels of all Building Skins in the same Style are summed up into a "Total Lv". Unlock 2 Skills when you raise a Building Style to a certain Total Lv. You can select which Skill to use at any time. The Skill you select will take effect on most of your Buildings during battle. (Access your Building Styles via the Town Hall.)