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[Guides] Introduction to Guild Turf

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Posted on 5/20/19 1:39:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Guild Buildings

-The Guild Leader takes on a heavy responsibility in the Guild Turf.
-Only the Guild Leader can build and level up offensive and defensive Guild Buildings.
-Constructing and leveling up Guild Buildings will consume Guild Credits.

2. Summoning Sentinels
The Guild Leader can summon Sentinels at the Sentinel Altar. Summoning a Sentinel consumes Guild Credits.

3. Strengthening Sentinels
Summoned Sentinels can be strengthened at the Sentinel Altar.

Guild members can contribute to raise the Sentinel’s EXP (to upgrade the Sentinel), and its Skill level.

-Donate resources (Mana, Red Crystals, Gems, etc.) to raise a Sentinel’s EXP. The resources that a Sentinel demands will change once a week.
-The donor will receive a certain amount of Benefaction  for each donation.
-Donate more to receive more Benefaction and Sentinel EXP. In addition, there’s a chance these benefits will be multiplied (X2, X5, or X10).
-Each guild member can only hold up to 20 donation chances. Donation chances will be replenished at a rate of 1 per hour. Every donation is shared between raising Sentinel’s EXP and its Skill. Be sure to discuss which Sentinel to strengthen first with your Guild!

-The Sentinel can be upgraded whenever the EXP bar is full. Upgrading the Sentinel requires a different donation.
-Guild members must donate “Sentinel Seal(s)” to upgrade the Sentinel. Sentinel Seals can be obtained from -Guild Chests. Any guild member - regardless of their Guild Rank - may obtain Sentinel Seals from Guild Chests.
-Whenever you donate Sentinel Seal(s), you will receive a chest that contains valuable random rewards.
-When enough Sentinel Seals have been donated, the Guild Leader can then proceed to upgrade the Sentinel with one tap of a button!

4. Guild Turf Defenses

The Guild Leader can position Walls, Guild Watchtowers and Sentinel Bases in the Guild Turf.
Place a Sentinel on a Sentinel Base to counterattack invaders.

5. Turf Watch

-Monsters will appear through a portal to attack from the edges of the Guild Turf.
-The Guild Leader can issue up to 5 stage challenges per day.
-You can get lots of Benefaction or other great rewards from each stage.
-All guild members may collect a “Daily Reward” every day. The reward is based on the highest stage cleared within your guild. You can earn lots of Benefaction by collecting Daily Rewards regularly.

6. Guild Shop

-The main place to spend “Benefaction”. “My Credits” are also required. Guild members can buy items for themselves here.
-Level up the Guild Shop to add new types of items for sale.
-The number of items for sale each day is limited.