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[Guides] Hall of Acclaim Introduction

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Posted on 6/20/19 2:03:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Main Interface

The top 3 players in the Might rankings and Arena rankings will be displayed in the Hall of Acclaim. Others may Praise the top-ranked players in the Hall of Acclaim.

2. Praising

~Anyone can Praise the players featured in the Hall of Acclaim.

~Players will receive a Praiser’s Pack after Praising.

~Each player may Praise in each rankings category once per day.

~The total number of Praises each featured player receives is shown.

3. Details

~Tap on a statue to view its details.

~You can tap on your own statue to change your Hero Showcase (for Might rankings category only. For Arena rankings category, your Arena Defense Team will be showcased.)

~Tap on another player’s statue to view his/her details and Hero Showcase.

4. Server-Wide Broadcasts

~When a Hall of Acclaim player comes online, a scrolling message will appear server-wide (3 times consecutively) to announce this.

~After the broadcast ends, it will not show again for a while, even if you re-log in.