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[Guides] Introduction to the Equipment system ( Added Superior Traits and Total Bonus)

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Equipment has emerged in Castle Clash! Equip your Heroes to gain boosts and abilities!

You can build the Armory once you have an evolved Hero.

You can access the “Aetherocks” and “Equipment” sections from the Armory.
You get 5 million Aetherocks after building the Armory.

“Aetherocks” are the resource required to level up Equipment. You can get Aetherocks in three ways:
1. Generated automatically in your account every day. (15,000 per day.)
2. Through battles (Up to 75,000 per day.)
3. Consume Tomes.

Each Equipment grants attribute boosts and a new ability to your evolved Hero. It also increases the Hero’s Might.
After evolving your Hero, you must obtain their Equipment to use it.

Consume Aetherocks to level up the Equipment you’ve obtained. You can augment Equipment when it reaches maximum level.

Augmenting Equipment consumes an Augmenting Stone and duplicates of the Hero. (You can use Oath Tablets instead of Heroes when augmenting Equipment.)

Tap the “!” button at the top-right corner to view all available Enchantments.

The Enchantment for your Equipment is unlocked after augmenting.
Tap the “!” button at the top-right corner of an Equipment’s icon to view more details.     
Tap the “Change” button to change the Enchantment. (Similar to changing Talents.) 

Traits for your Equipment are unlocked after augmenting. Traits grant attribute boosts to your Heroes.
Spend either Merits or Gems to change Traits. There is a better chance to get high level Traits if you spend Gems to change them.
You can lock any Traits that you do not want to change. Locking your Traits will increase the cost of changing Traits.

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Equipment system expansion(2019.8.16)

1 Introduction - Superior Traits

[1] Two slots for "Superior Traits" are added to the Traits system. These slots must be unlocked manually.
[2] Superior Traits are stronger than their respective normal Traits.
[3] Changing Superior Traits: Superior Traits cannot be locked. Locking your normal Traits does not affect the cost of changing Superior Traits.
[4] Normal Traits are not affected by the addition of Superior Traits.

2 Introduction - Total Bonus

[1] Fulfil conditions to obtain the corresponding Bonuses. There are 2 types of conditions: a) The quantity of same Traits you have; b) Total Lv of all Traits.
[2] Obtain the respective bonuses when you fulfil their condition(s).