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[Guides] Superpets Guide

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Posted on 9/20/19 3:17:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Spawning

Consume Pet Essences and Spawning Agents for your Pet to spawn regular Super Pets, Super Pet Snacks, or even Mutant Super Pets. (You may consume max-level duplicate(s) of the Pet in place of Pet Essences.)

During the Spawning process, add Super Pet Crystals to guarantee the corresponding Super Pet, and increase the chance to obtain its Mutant version.

2. Introduction to Super Pets 

There are two categories of Super Pets: Regular and Mutant. A Mutant Super Pet differs from its regular counterpart in appearance and attributes.

A Mutant Super Pet’s skill is identical to that of its regular counterpart.

Mutant Super Pets have more attribute slots than regular Super Pets. (Regular Super Pets have 3 attributes, while Mutant Super Pets have 4.) Mutant Super Pets also have higher base attributes and better growth rates.

Your Super Pet can have copies of the same attribute. The first slot is always Attack.

A Super Pet's assisted Hero gains the Super Pet’s attributes (at 20% of attribute amount).

3. Enhancing Your Super Pets

To raise a Super Pet’s Lv, consume duplicates of the corresponding Super Pet and Super Pet Snacks.

To raise your Super Pet’s Skill Lv, consume Super Pet Snacks and Super Pet Skill Books. 

4. Materials and Their Sources

Pet Essences: Lost Realm

Spawning Agents: Lost Realm, Team Here Be Monsters

Super Pet Skill Books: Team Here Be Monsters, Trade Fame tab in the Warehouse 

Super Pet Snacks: May drop during Spawning.

Specific Super Pet Crystals: Official events (to be scheduled).