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[Guides] 2019-September Version Update FAQ

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Q: Are there new Heroes in this update? How can I obtain them?
A: Two powerful Heroes were introduced in this update: Queen Wasp and Hot Shot.
Queen Wasp can be hired. She may also be obtained in official events.
Hot Shot Soulstones can be obtained from Team Dungeon Expert stages. Earn enough Soulstones to exchange for the Hero, Hot Shot. He may also be obtained in official events.
Q: What Super Pets were released in this update?
A: Four Super Pets were released, two regular Super Pets (Dire Wolfling, Radiant Hawk) and two Mutant Super Pets (Mutant Dire Wolfling, Mutant Radiant Hawk).
Q: What can Super Pets do in battle?
A: A Super Pet is about as strong as a Hero in battle. Watch the Super Pets in action below:

Castle Clash Super Pets in battle - Video 1
Castle Clash Super Pets in battle - Video 2
Q: What are the differences between Super Pets and Mutant Super Pets?
A: Although they have identical Skills, Mutant Super Pets are stronger than regular Super Pets. Mutant Super Pets also have one extra attribute slot, and higher base attributes with better growth rates. (A Mutant Super Pet has 4 attributes. A regular Super Pets has 3 attributes.)
Q: How can I obtain Super Pets?
A: Consume Pet Essences (or max-level duplicates of the Pet you selected for Spawning) and Spawning Agents to spawn Super Pets, Mutant Super Pets, or Super Pet Snacks. You can obtain Pet Essences from Lost Realm. You can obtain Spawning Agents from Lost Realm and Team Here Be Monsters.
Q: How can I obtain Mutant Super Pets more quickly?
A: Add Super Pet Crystals during Spawning to increase the chance of obtaining the "Mutant" version of a Super Pet. Each Super Pet has its corresponding Super Pet Crystal. Currently available are: Dire Wolfling Crystals and Radiant Hawk Crystals. You can obtain Super Pet Crystals from official events.
Q: How do I change Super Pet's attributes?
A: You can only change your Super Pet's attributes by refreshing them. 7 types of attributes are currently available to Super Pets: HP, ATK, Dodge, ACC, CRIT, CRIT DMG, and CRIT Resist. "Refresh" attributes to change the attribute types and values. When you obtain an attribute at maximum value, you will see "100%" below the attribute. Note that the first attribute slot on the Super Pet's "Attributes" tab is permanently for ATK; refreshing will only change the value of ATK. For other attribute slots, refreshing changes both the attribute type and the value on a slot. You may obtain duplicate attributes from refreshing.
A Super Pet grants its assisted Hero 20% of its attributes. Incredible!
Q: How do I raise my Super Pet's Lv?
A: Consume Super Pet Snacks and duplicates of the Pet.
Q: How do I raise my Super Pet's Skill Lv?
A: Consume Super Pet Snacks and Super Pet Skill Books.
Q: How can I obtain Super Pet Skill Books?
A: Obtain Super Pet Skill Books from Team Here Be Monsters or the Warehouse's Trade Fame tab.
Q: Can the Skills of a Super Pet and its Mutant counterpart be stacked?
A: No, a Super Pet's Skill cannot be stacked with a Mutant Super Pet's Skill.
Q: What changes were made to Quests?
A: We added new Quests pertaining to Equipment, Destiny, etc. These Quests are in line with in-game features you unlock as your Might increases. Do let us know if you have any suggestions about Quests.
Q: Does this update include changes to Lost Realm rewards?
A: Yes. Super Pet materials were added to the Lost Realm reward pool.
Q: What changes were made to Team game modes?
A: Lonely Sea II and Wailing Rift II stages were added.
You may get Hot Shot Soulstones from Lonely Sea II.
You may get Spawning Agents and Super Pet Skill Books from Wailing Rift II.
Q: What changes were made to the Chat functions?
A: We added a Chat preview window at the bottom of the main interface so players can easily read the latest news and messages. Do let us know if you have any suggestions to improve this feature.

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