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[Guides] About Battle Talents

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Posted on 5/15/20 5:01:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Introduction
Title Talents will not apply in "Narcia: War Era". Only Battle Talents will.
- Improve your Title to obtain more Battle Talents.
- Battle Talents are permanently obtained. They remain in your account after each "Narcia: War Era" Season ends.

2. How to access the Battle Talents interface

Enter "Narcia: War Era" when the Season begins. Tap the Title icon on the top-left corner to access the Battle Talents interface.

3. Obtaining Battle Talents

Tap the "Pending" button in the Battle Talents interface to enter the page where you can obtain Battle Talents.

Tap the "Obtain All" button to obtain all available Battle Talents, according to the resources you have.

Tap on a Battle Talent to view its details.