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[Guides] Castle Clash Tips

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Here are some tips that will help players at all levels, especially newer players.

1.  How to maximize Arena.

The common temptation is to try to get the highest rank possible in the arena.  This is a mistake.  If you get a rank of 1,000, you get essentially the same points as a rank of 100,000.  The way to gain HB out of the arena is by winning matches.  If you win 1/5 matches, you'll get 40 HB for you win and 24 for your losses, for a total of 64 in 2 and 1/2 hours.  If you win all 5, you'll get 200 HB, 134 more than if you lose.  Compare that with the extra 10 or 20 HB for ranking higher.  

The solution is to make sure that you lose when defending, so that you will lower your rank and can win while attacking.  There are a number of ways to do this.  One option is to use weaker heroes during defense than attack.  Another is to not use all your heroes.  There are other methods.  NO matter what, make sure that you keep your rank low enough that you win as many matches as possible.  It is better to be ranked 100,000 and win than 1,000 and lose.

There are 3 approaches to win the arena.  

  1.  Pick heavy hitting heroes who are fast and can do alot of damage and run around your enemy.  This works best with the ninja, assasin, and other damage doers such as cyclops and succubus.  The champion also works well for this.  Use these heroes to run in a lane no one else is in.

  2.  Picking the best fighting hero team and going head to head.  This works with the druid, the paladin, the Panda, the Champion, and sometimes even the angel.  The goal of this formation is to be able to kill the other guy's heroes by heading straight at him.  It is importaint not to have a ninja or assasin with this strategy.

  3.  The 100% win.  This strategy is focused on winning against everyone you fight.  The goal of this formation is to have a balanced attack force that moves the same speed (no ninja or assisin), but that hits pretty hard.  The key to this working is to make sure to lose when defending enough so that you can beat everyone else at your ranking level.  For example, if you have 5 legendary and/or elite heros, but you leave as your defense only 1 of those heroes you will almost always lose during defense.  This will push your rank down so that you can have a better chance to win on offense.  Then for offense, always fight the lowest ranked person, to minimize your increase from a win.

2 Defending your Base

As of the current version, it is best to not defend your base at all.  You gain nothing from defense.  It is best however, to arrange your troops on the outside of your base and try to make sure that any attacker needs to take out as much of your base as possible in order to get your gold.  The goal of defending is to lose 100%, so you get a shield for 10 hours protecting you from attack.

3  Attacking dungeons

The goal here is to always get 100%.  It is best to attack the same level several times in order to gain experience without losing troops.  The skull bases will give you more shards, and shards allow you to buy heroes.  It is best to do these levels as much as possible.

4.  Raids

Raids against other players are a great way to get money, gems, mana, and even HB.  The key to winning them is to first keep your might as low as possible.  This means minimizing what you build in your town, and having no defenses.  Building walls to defend your base will make it harder to attack someone elses.  As you find it very easy to win raids, you can slowly upgrade your base.

5.  Building your base

Make sure not to raise might too high.  As you can, invest first in hero bases so that you can have 5 heroes.  Your next priority is upgrading your Army camps, and training your troops.  As needed, invest in your Gold Vault and mana Vault, but never upgrade them higher than the next item you need to buy.  Be carefull not to upgrade anything when you find raiding hard.  The key to winning raids is raiding folks weaker than you are.  Ideally, your heroes can take out most of their base by themselves.

6.  Getting Heroes

Early on do whatever you need to in order to get 5 heroes.  This means buying with Gems or HB, or even using shards.  If you need to get 5 heroes, use shards to get the angel.  Once you have 5 heroes, you can later worry about getting the best.  For the start, get 5 at any cost.

After you have 5, it is best to save up HB to upgrade your heroes and to use gems to get new ones.  Save your shards up for a legendary hero, after you already have 5...this will take a while.

Another tip is that if you have 2 of the same Hero, consider sacrificing one in order to upgrade the skill level of the other.  When picking who to sacrifice, consider which has the better tallent, as well as the level of the heroes.  99% of the time, it is best to only have 1 of each type of hero.  

7.  Fighting

Every base and dungeon has its strengths and weaknesses.  As you learn more of the game you'll find each is defeated using different strategies.  Some of the most basic are:

1- attack cannon towers with flying troops.  Flying troops cannot be hurt by them. Likewise, try to attack troops that cannot attack the air, with air troops
2- Troops often attack the first thing they see, so put in your high HP troops first
3- Try to usually attack their concentrations of a few troops with a mass of your own troops
4- If one strategy does not work, try another.  Attack with different troop types, locations, etc.  Use magic in different ways.

Biggest mistakes:
1. Do not spend all your money so you will not lose it during a raid.  This mistake will leave you upgrading your base more than you should and make you fight harder folks.  This will make it harder for you to raid and get HB and resources.

2.  Do not try to maximize your arena rank, in the long run, if you are active, it is best to lose on defense so you can win on offense.  The best offense is a bad defense for this game.

3.  Do not just pick the best heroes.  Make sure your heroes complement eachother as a team.  If you want a hard hitting team, a cyclops may be better than a paladin, even as the paladin is better overall.  Picking the "weaker" hero who better complements your arena or raid team can help you be stronger.  

4. Do not dismiss lower level heroes.  The angel, for example, is sometimes better than the ninja at raiding.  Every hero has pros and cons and learning to use each well matters.  A team trying to have a hard hitting arena strategy is better to have an assasin than a paladin.  A team trying to go head one in the arena is better with panda than a ninja.  Several ordinary heroes have value.

5.  Do not stay fixed in strategy.  Adapt as you grow.  My main suggestion has been not to get your might or arena rank too high.  If you play this for a couple months and end up doing well, you will eventually cross the threshold where it may make sense to do the opposit and start to increase in rank.  There will come a time when you can defeat every base, at that point, it is best to upgrade your base, rather than keeping might low.  The same is true of the arena.  There will come a time, when you may be able to compete for a top 10 spot and it be worth it to fight for a high rank.

6.  Do not simply copy others.  Look at other bases for ideas, but some of the high level players have major flaws in their bases and strategies.  Do not simply copy them.  Look at them, consider their plans, and then develop your own.

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hey just to add to your excellent guide since I didn't see anyone mention it. If you have duplicate heroes and consume the same character, you actually get double skill exp. you also get more skill exp if they are higher level so if you have time, level up your extra heroes before consuming them to maximize your resources .

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Thanks 84802143, I added that to the tips.  It is a good idea.

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lvl1 ordinary hero gives +100 skill exp.
1* lvl20 ordinary hero gives +100 skill exp.
2* lvl 20-40 ordinary hero gives +150 skill exp.
3* lvl 41-60 ordinary hero gives +200 skill exp.

cost to upgrade hero from 1* to 2* is 1000 HB. Meaning that with 1000 HB you get 50 skill exp.
Hiring hero (/slime) costs 500 HB and gives 100 skill exp.

Most cases it's better to just buy the hero/slime with 500 HB.

Another note:
Ordinary heroes give +100 skill exp.
Elite heroes give +200 skill exp.
Don't know about legendary, don't have any yet. I'm assuming legendary is +300 skill exp. or +400 skill exp.

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I want to add this about gems & free gems because I spent the first week or two not realizing this - heck the first 2 days I played I only had the executioner and kept wondering how everyone has 5 heroes so early when farming shards takes forever.

Gems = best way to get elite & legendary heroes early.
You want elite and legendary heroes because they are significantly better than ordinary heroes (duh).
Gems cost real $, but the game provides a few way to get free gems.

When you start off do 3 things first.

1) Buy $1.99 in gems.  It gives you 230 gems and earns you a gift of more gems + a free angel champion + Free HB right off the bat.
2) Click the present icon on the left side of the screen, claim your free 200 gems from the purchase you made in step 1, claim your free 1,000 (? I think) HB from making a gem purchase.  Next go do the other offers there, click tell friends for more gems, 5 star rating on google aps for more gems.
3) Click the free gems link and complete some of the free offers, you can download games or other cheap/free options for gems.  When I did this I signed up for hulu+ free trial and then canceled it the next day, got a few thousand gems.  Signed up for freecreditreport (this site is a huge scam so be careful), 1$ trial, cancelled IMMEDIATELY (they charge 29.99 a month for a bs service) and got a few thousand more.

With steps 1-3 done you should have thousands of gems, now go build a hero altar and blow your gems on the 3x heroes purchase.  Gems have a normal chance to get elite heroes and a rare chance to get legendary (yay) or ordinary (boo) heroes.  You have a good chance through this process to get a legendary hero as well as 3 more elite heroes (in addition to the executioner you start with) to round out your lineup.

Now all you need to do is focus on leveling up two things 1) your town hall 2) your town hall.  Get town hall to level 7 or 8 and you can have your maximum 5 heroes out on your base and the same 5 heroes can now be called in to fight in raids & dungeons.  This will get you up and going moving forward as well as allow you to progress a team of 5 from the get go as opposed to leveling 1 hero, then playing catch up with others.  

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nice guide, but i always get to 80hb/hr then i drop to like 50 in 30minutes :'( active arena :@

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Very good guide, thank you chrysostom.

But I have one big doubt: what I have to improve to be good attacking in raids, and what other things I have not to improve to keep as low as possible my might level??
Because now, I am always defeated in both ways: defense and attack :( And I am a bit desperate about this :(
Here there is some information about my account:
-Town Hall lvl 12 (leveling to 13)
-x4 heroes with 4 stars (only 1 legendary)
-Best troops = griffins lvl 4
-Towers: x2 magic tower lvl 5, x1 cannon tower lvl 5
-Walls: half at lvl 5, half at lvl 6
-Gold mine lvl 11-12 and Mana mill lvl 9-10
-Army camp lvl 10-11

What am I doing wrong?

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YuLs1987 replied at 10-8-2013 05:19 PM
Very good guide, thank you chrysostom.

But I have one big doubt: what I have to improve to be good  ...

In my opinion cancel your town hall upgrade for now as it will increase your might. Do lots of skull dungeons and level your heroes and gain shards.

Why you have 4 heroes only ? Try to get 5th one either by gems, HB or shards. Btw which heroes you have and skills?

I am assuming that you are already at 7K+ might? As you upgraded your defences too much.

I am afraid that you can't decrease your might for now as you don't have lots of heroes who increases might. And for buildings and walls you can't do anything.

Heroes levelling and increasing their skills is your option for now .

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DakMonkeyz replied at 9-30-2013 06:34 AM
lvl1 ordinary hero gives +100 skill exp.
1* lvl20 ordinary hero gives +100 skill exp.
2* lvl 20-40 o ...

Legendary hero level 1 gives 2000 skill points. And it's doubled if consumed by same hero.

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fslateef respondió a las 10-8-2013 05:47 PM
In my opinion cancel your town hall upgrade for now as it will increase your might. Do lots of sku ...

No, sorry. I have more heroes, but I only mentioned the 4 best.
My heroes are:
-Champion 69, Skill 1, Tenacity 2
-Executioner 75, Skill 3, Berserk 2
-Cyclops 74, Skill 2, Stone Skin 3
-Werewolf 62, Skill 1, Stone Skin 2
-Assasin 60, Skill 2, Stone Skin 3
-Shaman 60, Skill 1, Scorch 3
-Marksman 60, Skill 2, Tenacity 1

I have some more, but these are my best (or which I think are the best xD)

My might now is 5969.

You recommend me to improve my heroes, but this will increase my might too, isn't??