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[Guides] Castle Clash Tips

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YuLs1987 replied at 10-9-2013 01:22 AM
No, sorry. I have more heroes, but I only mentioned the 4 best.
My heroes are:
-Champion 69, Skil ...

First thing try to gain enough shards to get Druid or at-least use Angel for now. It will be good if you have Angel already and quite leveled (if not go for it) as healer in raiding will make a big difference (this is what I tested myself too as others suggested).

Also you have 5 good good 4-star heroes (assuming Assassin lvl 60 is 4-star) which is nice but do level them more. I would recommend add Angel and for raiding keep top 4 as it is and replace Assassin with Angel as healer.

And you definitely need Druid, do skull dungeons which will give you shards and will also give experience to level your heroes. As most of them are not legendary thus you need more upper levels for them.

Also consume your crappy heroes as they are all adding in your might. Like Shaman is completely useless but Marksman can be used in raids as range but I prefer Engineer more than Marksman.

About your might its a bit high but I don't think its too high. Also increasing heores level will increase your might but consuming unused heroes will decrease it and heroes are the ones around whom this whole game revolves. Like I was at 6K+ might then I consumed my 7 extra heroes and brought it down to 5K and then upgraded my legendaries to higher levels (still in 4-stars) and my might now is 5.6K again and increasing. But I can raid 80% of bases at 100%-victory with my heroes alone and for remaing 20% I sometime uses my troops (I have lvl 2+ troops in tier-2 but I still prefer tier-1 troops as they are quicker to train and they are there to support my heroes only).

I hope this long reply will help you a bit.


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fslateef respondió a las 10-9-2013 06:37 AM
First thing try to gain enough shards to get Druid or at-least use Angel for now. It will be good ...

Yes, I am trying to get the Druid. I have already 1k shards. Little by little...

I have an Angel at lvl 20 (1 star) with Revive 2/5 and the skill at lvl 1. Do you really think that he is going to work better than the Marksman (who is the one I use in raids and Arena's fights)?
I have an Engineer at lvl 60 (3 stars) too with skill lvl 1 and heavy blow 1/5, but I prefer the Marksman because he have the skill at lvl 2.

About to consume all the other heroes... I understand it, but... I like to collect things, and I would like to have all of them some day (like pokemon XD)... It's really so important to consume them? :( It's not enough to use them to improve the towers? :(
And if I consume them, what of them I consume?? Apart of which ones I told you before, I have too:
-Pain-Da 2 Stars
-Engineer 3 Stars
-Hill Giant 2 Stars
-Marauder 2 Stars
-Angel 1 Star
-Frost Witch 1 Star
-Dryad 1 Star

It's a shit... I want to keep all my heroes... The only heroes that should add might are the five you have in the bases, not the others... :'(

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YuLs1987 replied at 10-9-2013 11:28 AM
Yes, I am trying to get the Druid. I have already 1k shards. Little by little...

I have an Angel  ...

Angel will make a difference until you get Druid. She will act as healer which will make your hero last longer.

Up to 7K+ might towers with heroes won't help much and also all these heroes are increasing your might. Even they are unused which I also don't like.

Consuming your heros will increase your skill levels of others like you can increase engineer and angel skills to upper level as engineer is better than marksman according to my knowledge as it can wipe whole lot of troops in a go with his skill and Angela's skill will heal more HP  to heroes.

for starters consume your dryad, hill giant, pain-da, shaman and maurader at least.

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i've got these heroes: 3* ninjas

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post on gems and shirds

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My tips would be:

- Get Town Hall to level 13 (you get the 4th tower at 13, 5th at 17)

- Arrow towers.. Magic and cannons are useless in my opinion, they NEVER kill my heroes, arrows are always a huge threat when i raid.

- NEVER buy heroes with Honor Badges as HB is the most rare "currency" in the game and you will never get legends, only ordinaries and maybe an elite if youre lucky. Complete waste.

- Try to keep your might as low as possible (I only upgrade town hall, towers (level 7), gold vaults and mana vaults) as raiding will be much easier (I currently have 4242 might and a level 80 Druid, 80 champion, 80 grizzly reaper and 60 thunder god and executioner. Everyone is capped. SAVE YOUR HONOR BADGES) and I can raid forever without losing anything. Army camps are at level 1 each with level 5 archers as I only use heroes (IMO troops are way underpowered) And enough Relic Hall upgrades to get Restoration to level 5

- The more heroes you have the higher might. I prefer to stick to 5 unless you have 6+ legendaries

- When doing Here Be Monsters use as little garrisons as possible as the EXP is split between all the heroes used (even if they are capped)

I hope this helped someone :)

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I have upgraded my town hall but how do I put more buildings up?

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awesome :)

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rosak man