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[Guides] Garrison & Tower Guide

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I figured I'd post this guide here aswell, because I've seen a lot of questions regarding towers and garrisons. Garrison is new feature that was added to castle clash recently. Garrison allows you to put heroes inside your advanced towers. Putting a hero inside a tower will give the tower a boost in some area depending on the tower and the hero.

From left to right: Basic tower, 10lvls, cannon tower, magic tower, arrow tower.

How to get garrison

First you need a tower, build one, it’s going to be a basic tower. Then you must upgrade your basic tower until its level 10. After you reach level 10 you can upgrade it to an advanced tower. However, It’s good to keep in mind that keeping extra heroes for the sole purpose of putting them into towers still increase your might and the higher your might is the harder opponents raid your base. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you put a hero into garrison, you can’t put the same hero into a hero base and vice versa.

What advanced tower should you use

There are 3 advanced towers and those are: Arrow tower, Magic tower and Cannon tower. What tower you should use depends on your might, your troops and your personal preference.

At lower level might you get attacked by hunters, pyromancers and other ground troops a lot and the best tower choice would be the Cannon tower. The Cannon tower has a long range and does splash damage.

As your might increases you will soon be defending against griffins and dragons that are flying units. Cannon tower won’t serve you good at that point anymore since it cannot hit flying targets. After you start encountering a lot of flying units your best bet is Magic tower, which won’t do splash damage like the cannon tower, but will still hit multiple targets.

You may be doing good with just magic towers for a while, but after your might increases even further, your base will be attacked by high level heroes. At this point the magic towers damage won’t be enough, because the attacker often has a druid that can out-heal the magic towers damage, or the heroes just might be too durable for the magic tower, even if they don’t have a healer with them. This is your queue to chance to Arrow towers. Arrow towers only hit 1 target, but they hit more rapidly and do more damage than cannon or magic towers do. Arrow towers also have more HP than cannon and magic towers do.

Also you might want to think about the synergy between your troops and your towers. For example if you have army camps full of Centaurs that counter griffins, you might want to use Cannon towers to counter centaurs and hammer dwarves or Arrow towers to counter heroes.

What Advanced towers you should pick is situational and you should experiment with what suits you best. You can also have a mix of couple arrow towers paired with cannon and magic towers. There’s no right way to do it, just experiment and see what fits you the best.

How does garrison work

After you have upgraded your basic tower into an advanced tower, you will find a new option when clicking the tower called garrison.

Clicking garrison will open a new tab on which you can select what heroes you would like to put inside the tower.

You can have up to 3 heroes inside each tower. Putting a hero inside a tower increases the boost meter of the towers garrison boost. There are 3 different boosts for each advanced tower.The First garrison boost is obtainable with Ordinary (Green) heroes, the Second boost is obtainable with Elite (Blue) heroes and the Third boost is obtainable with Legendary (Purple) heroes. All 3 boosts have 9 levels.

Garrison Boost Level                              Points required

1/9                                                   50

2/9                                                   140

3/9                                                   300

4/9                                                   650

5/9                                                   1200

After you reach garrison boost level 1 a bucket of green, blue or purple magic will appear next to your tower. The color of the bucket depends on what type of boost you have leveled up.

How much a hero raises the boost meter depends on the hero level and skill level. How much hero level gives points to garrison boost is quite simple. Level 2 gives +2 points, level 3gives +3 points, level 60 gives +60 points and so on. How much the skill level gives points is a bit trickier.

Skill level                                                  Points

1/9                                                   1

2/9                                                   36

3/9                                                   90

4/9                                                   183

5/9                                                   356

6/9                                                   629

7/9                                                   1060

8/9                                                   2095

9/9                                                   3728


Hero level + points awarded from Skill level = How much a hero will increase the towers garrison boost

For example a level 40 ordinary hero with skill level 1 increases the meter by +41 and level 40 ordinary hero with skill level 2 increases the meter by +76.

Cannon tower

Cannon towers first boost increases the splash area of your towers attacks by 1, increasing by 1 each level until the maximum of 5 is reached. You can increase the splash radius by putting ordinary heroes inside. This can be good against large masses of ground troops.However this seems to be the weakest boost for cannon tower since you will be beating hunters and pyromancers anyway with your cannon tower.

The second boost, obtainable via elite heroes, increases your cannon towers damage by +20% adding up until level5, which is +100%. This is really good boost considering it’s from elite heroes and not from legendary heroes and it will help you a lot when facing higher tier ground troops.

Last but definitely not least is the Third boost from legendary heroes, which gives the Cannon Tower a 15% chance to fire 2 cannon balls at the same time. You can increase that to level 5 which gives a 55% chance to fire 2 cannon balls. If you have legendary heroes sitting idle and you are using the Cannon Tower you should definitely go for this boost.

Magic Tower

Magic towers ordinary hero boost is increased attack rate. This means the tower will attack more frequently. First level gives +10% attack rate and each level increases the same amount. Highest level5 increases the attack rate by +50%. Faster attack rate means more hits which means more damage, which is quite good tower boost for ordinary hero boost.

Magic towers second boost gives a chance to inflict its targets with a coma for 1.5seconds. Starting with a 5%chance with garrison boost level 1 and increasing 5% with every level until level5 25% chance to inflict coma is reached. The second boost, the elite boost, of Magic tower is amazing and it’s mainly the reason why you might want to keep magic towers around after going further up with your might.

Magic towers legendary boost increases towers targets and damage. Level 1 legendary boost increases targets by +1 and damage by +5%. Targets grow by +1 and damage grows +5% each level up until level 5 boost is reached, which is +5 targets and +25% damage. Obviously more targets is good and more damage is good, but I do think this is the weakest boost compared to Arrow towers and Cannon towers legendary boost.

Arrow Tower

Arrow towers first boost increases the range of the tower and makes the tower prioritize heroes over troops. Level1 ordinary boost increases range by +3 and each level adds +3 range to that. Level5 increases range by a total of +15.

Arrow towers second boost increases damage and HP of the tower. Level 1 elite boost increases DMG by +2% and HP by+10%. Each level adds the same amount, making level 5 boost increase damage by +10%and HP by +50%.

Arrow towers third boost multiplies the damage against heroes. Level 1 legendary boost multiplies the damage against heroes by 1.5. Each garrison boost level increases that multiply by 0.5 and thus the Level 5 garrison boost does 3.5*damage to heroes. This garrison boost is by far the greatest of them all and it also synergizes amazingly well with the ordinary boost.

Last words

What I personally like is to have 1Cannon tower and a bunch of Arrow towers. Arrow towers are awesome and Cannon tower is cool because it shoots cannonballs. I hope you liked my guide as much as I liked making it. Cheers. -DakMonkeyz

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I think this is a really good guide and worthy of a sticky :D.

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Nicely done.  Thanks.  So, to be clear, a hero's talent and the level of that talent has nothing to do with the strength of that hero's garrison power?  So, it would be pretty stupid to garrison a hero with a level 4 or 5 talent.  Correct?

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Red_John(961552 replied at 11-14-2013 04:22 PM
Nicely done.  Thanks.  So, to be clear, a hero's talent and the level of that talent has nothing to  ...

Talent level does nothing to garrison only a hero's skill level.

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any trick to having 2 garrisons at once? I can only get blue or green to work. not both together.

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nice guide bro

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Good info

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With the last update the magic and cannon towers are said to have been improved.
On the magic towers, I only noticed the blue garrison bonus going up from 5% coma chance for 1.5sec to 10% coma chance for 2sec. Does anybody have some cannon towers to verify what improved there? Have any of the basic stats been improved?

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im curious so i bookmark garrison

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possible to put more than 3 heroes in a tower?