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[Guides] Guild Boss Fight Guide/Discussion [And STRATEGIES]

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Posted on 2/26/14 7:52:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have realized that an exec with berserk is not good because the cycle will go out of sync quickly with champ.

For this to work (without PD), exec and champ needs to have the same attack speed. Thus, my exec with heavy blow is a better option. Time to start leveling up this new exec with heavy blow :(

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rickflam replied at 2-26-2014 07:52 PM
I have realized that an exec with berserk is not good because the cycle will go out of sync quickly  ...

What is revite on your champ ? I You must use succubus for damage reduction as otherwise boss will be procing for full 11k AoE damage and your druid w/o Pd has no chance to out heal that type of damage.

With champ/exec/TG chained boss will still proc at least once every 7 sec (though TG will get out of sync due to slower animation speed, TG's real attack speed is 1150 or so). If your succcubus reduces dmages by 29%, then boss's AoE will hit at ~7.5k. Druid at level 135 with 5/9 skill will heal at 6.8k. Meaning HP deficit per 7 second will be ~700 HP. You can stay with that deficit for a while, probably not full 3 minutes but quite a bit.

I too don't have a PD, so I use exec with 2/5 revite and champ no revite (flame guard 3) and succ with heavy blow. Exec is at 5/9 (will bring him to 6/9 this weeks and perhaps 7/9 few weeks later). Myr druid is at 120 and my deficit per round is ~ 2000HP so can only stay 4-6 rounds. If I bump my druid to 135 I can probably stay 12-15 rounds or about 80 seconds. Once druid can match boss's reduced damage then you can stay a lot longer. That will happen when Druid is > 140

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Uu-ll_Mm-aa(115 replied at 2-28-2014 08:25 PM
What is revite on your champ ? I You must use succubus for damage reduction as otherwise boss will  ...

Thanks Uu-ll_Mm-aa! Great insight! And that was what I really needed :)

1) How much damage do you normally do to boss with this method?
2) What level are your heroes?

Here are my heroes: No PD, no berserk, no revit :(
130 druid 4/9 with 1/5 revive
120 succ 3/9 with 3/5 flame guard
120 tg 4/9 with 4/5 self dest.
100 champ 3/9 with 1/5 tenacity
88 exec 3/9 with 2/5 heavy blow.
100 pally 3/9 with 1/5 slow down

I have not tried boss with my exec with heavy blow yet, until my exec is level 100 and 4/9.

First, thanks for the detailed response. Now, I fully understand that I need succ instead of pally for the dmg reduction. But now I am afraid with succ instead of pally, my heroes wont survive boss's first stun.

My plan is now:
1) Drop Druid away from boss.
2) Once boss targets Druid, I drop succubus and champ.
3) 1.5 seconds later, drop TG.
4) 2.5 seconds later, drop exec.

After Druid dies and revives, hopefully Boss will target succ. If not, I will restart.

3) Do you think this will work? Else, I have to abandon this idea.
4) I know I cannot do a permermant 3 minute stun chain until exec is 7/9, succ is 5/9 and druid can heal more than boss's proc. These are my highest priorities: getting exec 7/9, succ 5/9, druid lvl to 140, champ to 120 and exec to 120. What should I do first? exec to 7/9, succ to 5/9 or druid to 5/9?
And which hero do I level up first to 120: champ or exec?



Posted on 3/1/14 8:43:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i did what you told me and it work

Posted on 3/1/14 7:48:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

rickflam replied at 3-1-2014 01:44 AM
Thanks Uu-ll_Mm-aa! Great insight! And that was what I really needed  

1) How much damage do you ...

So with Boss 2 there are two problems:

1) AoE damage
2) direct damage to aggro target

While in your setup you may mitigate AoE damage somewhat, you still have problem with direct damage to aggro target. In my case I use AC and it normally has shield up (5/9 skill) so direct damage is not a problem for me.

IMHO, you can use non-true tank heroes as tanks only when you stun for long periods of time, say 10-12 sec in a row, so druid can get couple heals out to mitigate both AoE & direct damage to your aggro hero.

Second, I think, managing timing with stunner that have same revite is pretty error prone and you will end up doing lots of revives. But your fingers could be better than mine, lol, so may be it will work for you. Also the more stunners you have to take care of with timing - the more errors you are going to have.

In my case I removed TG completely because he had same revite as champ (that is zero). I just use 2 sec on exec, 3 sec on champ and occasional 1sec HB from succubus. I manage to stay around 30-50 sec now and deal around 600k-1.2mln damage. Need to level druid and bump exec to 7/9 to stay longer. Mine are all 6 star below 120, except Druid at 7 star, 120 now.

For you since you have no revite on sutnners, I think getting HB out of exec to start things of I think is pretty critical. I would drop exec first after aggro unit to see if HB gets proced. If it does you may drop champ/TG in sequence and see if you can get chain going.

Though if I had your heroes I'd try using pali, druid, succ, exec & champ and rely on exec's HB to start thing off and also help out with occasional HB stun. Managing timing with only 2 stunners to get  5 sec stun time in 7-sec round should be easier. Pali will take 2 x normal hits (6k each) + AoE  (10-11k) minus succ reduction (23%) , so about 16k damage total, if Pali has his shield up then damage will be reduced by 60% to 6.5k, your druid should be able to heal him up without HP deficit. But your other units HP bar will be dropping each round by the difference between AoE and druid heal. If you had 6 star champ & exec you may be able to stay up to a min, imho, if you get lucky with HB procs from exec. In worst case probably around 30-40 sec.

I would focus on skilling up succubus (it also helps in the arena) and druid (raids, etc) and then only exec. As exec skill is only useful in boss pit. So skill up heroes you use elsewhere and then focus on exec. Do level champ & exec to 6 star or you won't stay long. Remember their HP goes down first before they are healed up by Druid, so their HP pool is important.

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Thank you again. I appreciate your help :)

Right now with hit and run, I average 550K DMG/minute. I would love to get to 1.2mil DMG/minute like how you are doing.

Thanks for the advice. I will drop TG and add Pally. I will first upgrade Succ to 4/9 and champ to 6 stars. I will do some testing in the mean time but it maybe another month before I can actually last more than 15 seconds. I will keep you updated. Thanks again!

Posted on 3/2/14 1:53:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Imanaged to do the 3 mins permanent stun (chain stun) on boss 1. I would like to share my theory.

I am using:
1. TG lvl 140 - revitalize 2/5 - skill level 4/9
2. Pumpkin Duke lvl 140 - revive 4/5 - skill level 5/9
3. Druid lvl 120 - Life drain 3/5 - skill level 4/9
4. Succubus lvl 120 - revive 2/5 - skill level 4/9
5. Champion lvl 120 - Heavy blow 5/5 - skill level 3/9

Before this, I used different techniques and I couldn't get the permanent stun. However, after few experiments done, I managed to do it in every round. It is all based on how i drop my heroes. Who to drop first and how.

My ideal strategy in order to make the heroes proc and stun the boss non-stop is to drop my Pumpkin as a tanker. And next to go is TG, followed by Succubus, Druid and Champion as the last one. Pumpkin works as a tanker + booster. Therefore, once my TG proc and stun the boss, I still have 1-2 secs before my champion proc and stun the boss for another 3 secs. Succubus proc takes place in between of TG and champ's stun abilities. Basically, by using these techniques, I managed to hit the boss for 3 mins full and my damage per round is 10m+.

It is important to know WHO to drop first after the tanker based on the skill levels, and talent. Make use of the Pumpkin Duke well because pumpkin is the best booster so far.

Hope this theory will help any of you out there. :)

Posted on 3/2/14 3:39:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

thanks Mardziyatun_Haz..

Posted on 3/2/14 2:43:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice tread :)

Here's a video of surviving 3 min on boss 2
(Second run in the video, starts at 2:30)

The key on that tactic is 5/5 revit AC and 5/5 berserk champ.

But 3 of those Heros are level only level 100 (5 stars)

Full Hero breakdown:
Druid 115, 4/9, 3/5 Berserk
Pumkin Duke 107, 4/9, 3/5 Revitalize
Succubus 100, 3/9, 2/5 Berserk (5 star)
Champion 100, 3/9, 5/5 Berserk (5 star)
Atlanticore 100, 4/9, 5/5 Revitalize (5 star)

Can also highly recomment changing out Succubus for a Cupid, a 4/9 Cupid can almost double the damage output

Posted on 3/3/14 4:03:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

gj bro you save my day