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[Guides] Guild Boss Fight Guide/Discussion [And STRATEGIES]

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Posted on 3/10/14 6:08:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi All,

Was keen to get some thoughts on my best boss strategy, my heroes that I use now are as follows:

Champion Lvl 80 2/9: Revitalize 4/5 (got lucky with two talent rolls to get this yesterday), so not had any chance to try out yet.

Thunder God Lvl 99 3/9: Revitalize 5/5

Pumpkin Duke Lvl 99 4/9: Revitalize 3/5

Succubus Lvl 93 3/9: Deadly Strike 3/5

Druid Lvl 94 4/9: Revive 2/5

My strategy was to drop druid in then Thunder God to stun, during that time my champion (before I had 4/5 revite) had time to stun then I would have to get out as soon as that finished, approx. 180,000 - 200,000 damage on boss one.

I also have:
Paladin Lvl 97 3/9: 3/5 Berserk
Ninja Lvl 60 1/9: 3/5 enlighten

Any thoughts on strategy gratefully accepted.  Also I am looking to join a new guild who ideally have boss fights between 2:30pm - 6pm server time, although could do anytime between 4am - 6pm server time potentially.

Posted on 3/11/14 3:49:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is a fantastic thread, Thank you xKeisukex for maintaining it.

I have a lineupe consisting of:

Druid 115, Berserk 2/5, 3/9
TG 113, Revive 1/5, 3/9
Champion111, Berserk 3/5, 3/9
Succubus 100, Revitalize 2/5, 3/9
Paladin 100, Sprint 2/5, 2/9

Since I have some relationship commitment I have not yet done the bossfight.
However I am now going to find me a guild that does it at a suitable time and start doing some harm.

My idea is drop TG as tank, Champ and Druid after. Hope Champ gets his proc in and if so drop the Succ as well.
I figure If I drop all 5 Bosses energy will be full very fast and that would hurt me precious heroes. This way Maybe I can get a 3 sec stun in and them following that a 1,5 sec.
Alternative would be drop paladin and do a hit and run.

How do you think I should go about the battle?
Thank you once again for the great thread

Posted on 3/12/14 5:16:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@rickflam: Right now I think you should continue to do hit and run first with Druid as Revive tank, and continuing to use the 2/5 Berserk Executioner (proc earlier than TG and Champion to do a slightly longer initial chain stun).
I'll suggest that you switch over to Heavy Blow Executioner only after you get a lucky re-roll for Revitalize on your Champion (preferably at least 2/5 which is proc on 5th hit, refer to Revitalize table for no. of hits needed to proc for other levels).

Currently I'm using the poor man trio, with 3/5 Revive Druid, 4/5 Revitalize Champion (proc on 3rd hit) and 2 other heroes with 2/5 and 3/5 Heavy Blow (Succubus and TG) for mostly 10 sec to 1 min 30 secs thereabouts. So our setup is somewhat similar with the difference of that Revitalize Champion and 1 more Heavy Blow talent.
But I'm doing it on Boss 1 so it might not work as well in Boss 2 since the poor man trio is not a full 100% duration stun, usually every cycle of 7 secs from the 2nd proc onwards there will be 1-2 seconds that the boss will be attacking. Boss 2 AOE granting the extra 15 energy gain to whole team might change the proc timing a little which makes things a little complicated.

As for the Druid into Paladin tank idea you have, I think it's a little risky as your TG/Executioner would probably have part of their health taken away from the first AOE proc and if the boss hits either of them instead of Paladin there's a chance they'll die. Would advise to stick to doing regular hit and run for now.

@Mardziyatun_Haz: Congrats! You have some really good heroes and talents (initial stunner with Revitalize, tanker with Revive, a 5/9 PD and a very nice 5/5 Heavy Blow). I'm not sure if the order you drop your heroes after you drop your PD revive tank makes any difference though, but if you find that a particular order works much better for you then that's great!
Good luck and hopefully you have luck with re-rolling Druid / Succubus for Berserk to push for higher damage output! (Druid +% damage buff should be able to double stack just like PD's Celebrate)

@spk77: Congrats, you're one of those with the perfect team & talent to do 3 minute boss run right now. The only thing stopping you from doing 3 minute boss runs right now is a higher level PD celebrate, you need at least 5/9 but the higher the better.
All you have to do is drop your Druid (Revive) as bait to take aggro and drop everything else together.
5/5 Revitalize TG will stun immediately for 1.5 seconds
4/5 Revitalize Champion stuns on the 3rd hit (around 3 seconds after all heroes are dropped, and 1.5 seconds after TG stun finishes)
3/5 Revitalize PD procs on the 4th hit (around 4 seconds after alll heroes are dropped, and 1 second after Champion procs)
Afterwards you should be able to sustain yourself for 3 minutes. Just give all your HBM shards to your PD for the higher skill level! :)

@Maria_Naumann: Aside from the Paladin, are there any heroes you can use for the 5th slot as a DPS hero? I think currently your TG is just as good a tank although your level 100 Paladin has more health (around 24875+) because you have to exit battle once your Paladin takes 2 hits (risk of dying on 3rd hit). Your TG would be able to tank the first hit and die on the second hit (or third hit if he's lucky to receive 6k attacks for the first 2 instance of damage from Boss 1). Then you can replace your Paladin with another hero that can do more damage (since Paladin has a slow attack rate of 1500, and average damage close to the level of an elite hero)

For now it's probably best for you to do hit and run, with TG as your tank.

For those who want to do a more sustainable 3 minute boss fight, the first condition you need is a PD with 5/9 or higher Celebrate. I cannot stress how important this is, not just for the perma stun (or near perma stun) but also for the extreme DPS it gives due to celebrate double stacking with itself.
5/9 Celebrate gives 30% attack speed and 30% attack damage for 8 seconds.
2nd proc cycle onwards needs 7 seconds for 1000 attack rate attackers, but with the 30% attack speed buff from the first Celebrate proc your 1000 attack rate heroes will probably be able to proc in 5 seconds or so.
That means for the 8 seconds duration of Celebrate buff, there will be about 5 seconds you have single Celebrate buff and about 3 seconds with stacked double Celebrate buff (which is amazing).
Aside from that Succubus damage reduction on boss lasts for 5 seconds, the 5/9 PD Celebrate allowing her to proc every 5 seconds would mean a permanent damage reduction of 20%+ for the whole duration of the fight allowing better sustainability in conjunction with Druid healing more and faster as well.

While I'm doing 4.2m-4.4m damage for 3 minute full fights with my poor man trio on occasions when I really lucked out with Heavy Blow procs, most of the other players doing 3 minute full fights done with a 5/9+ PD would have done 10m+ damage.
That's just how big the difference is.

So basically what's most important if you want to do easy 3 minutes is,
1. PD 5/9+ Celebrate (biggest problem for most people, I'm at 25,000/50,000 gems purchase without a PD)
2. Decent level Revitalize stunner (preferably Champion)
3. And/or a decent tank (whether it's a 1/5 Revive or 4/5 Revitalize Paladin/Atlanticore, or 1/5 Revive Druid etc). How good your tank needs to be depends on how high your Champion or TG's Revitalize level is. If your Champion's Revitalize level is low then you're going to need a better tank.

To maximize damage output, you're going to need both the broken PD as well as Cupid (but PD is the more important one).

With Druid, PD and Cupid all increasing let's say 25%-30% damage per buff (Cupid is the only one that can't double stack damage buff due to CD) the combined total stacked damage % buff would probably be able to exceed 100%  from time to time effectively increasing your base damage exponentially. Coupled with the faster attacking speed with the increased base damage and the more frequent procs, it's how people have increased their total damage a few folds.

Posted on 3/13/14 9:11:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My normal line-up:
129 TG- 4/5 Sprint, 4/9
120 SM- 4/5 War God, 5/9
109 PD- 2/5 Revitalize, 6/9
100 Succubus- 2/5 Revitalize, 4/9
92 Paladin- 3/5 Revive, 4/9

135 Druid- 2/5 Sprint, 4/9
100 SZ- 5/5 War God, 4/9
80 Champion- 4/5 Sprint, 3/9

My normal strategy is to drop paladin to get aggro and drop all other immediately.  I can get my Succ and and PD to proc but have to leave before I can really benefit from the PD boost.  Only chance I can get a stun off is when the boss attacks my TG after my paladin and even then it's only for 1.5 sec and then I have to get out.  This is all on boss 2.  I was wondering if there is a better strategy with my given heroes, and also if I would be able to solo boss 1 either stunning or just finish it before the time is up.

Posted on 3/14/14 5:36:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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MarkWorm replied at 3-14-2014 10:11 AM
My normal line-up:
129 TG- 4/5 Sprint, 4/9
120 SM- 4/5 War God, 5/9

You have a lot of great heroes at high levels and high skill levels, especially your 2/5 Revitalize PD with 6/9 Celebrate.
The problem is that most of the core heroes for bossing that you have possesses sprint talent which is for arena, and some of them are really high (4/5 sprint for Champion and TG) so it would probably be hard to re-roll them away.

Since you already have a fantastic PD, if you're willing to re-roll Champion for at least 2/5 Revitalize which is proc on 5th hit (the higher the better) I would suggest you try to make this lineup work out for perma stun:
PD (2/5 Revitalize)
Champ (minimum 2/5 Revitalize or higher)
Paladin (Revive Tank)

But take note of the timing to put TG in. You want to put TG in in a way such that your TG procs right after your Champion's proc finishes. Refer to the Revitalize table on first page to see how fast your Champion will proc and adjust the time of dropping your TG in according.

In the case of a 2/5 Revitalize Champion, your Champion will proc on the 5th hit (around 5 seconds).
A hero without revitalize will do his first proc on the 8th hit (around 8 seconds).
Thus it's just nice, you can drop both your Champion and TG together and they will create a 4.5 seconds chain stun perfectly without any hassle.

However since you also have a 6/9 PD with 2/5 Revitalize that will proc at the 5th hit along with Champion, at that moment when TG needs 3 more hits to proc TG will proc faster than 3 seconds with the 35% attack speed boost from PD's proc (maybe 2 seconds to 2.x seconds). So you should probably put your TG in slightly later than your Champion, maybe by 1 second or so to maximize the 3 seconds stun time of your Champion.

As you have said you're able to let your PD proc but have to exit before your heroes receive any real benefit, the initial 3 seconds stun from a Revitalize Champion (which will transition into an initial 4.5 seconds stun with your TG) is to let the rest of your heroes receive the benefits of PD proc.

After re-rolling your Champion you don't have to re-roll TG, but re-rolling Druid's Sprint into Berserk, Revitalize (at least 2/5 for Revitalize, 1/5 is quite useless) or Heavy Blow would be nice as well.

Do note that you also need your Champion to be 5 stars if you intend to use him in Boss 2, he will not have enough HP at level 80 (capped) to survive Boss 2 AOE proc.

Assuming that you want to keep your sprint talents for arena, well the best you can do is probably to hit and run.
Paladin (Revive Tank)
Succubus (able to proc for 35k with your 2/5 Revitalize)
Your first highest DPS hero (base damage and attack speed)
Your second highest DPS hero (base damage and attack speed)
Your third highest DPS hero (base damage and attack speed)

As it seems like only your 2/5 Revitalize heroes are able to proc, I included your 2/5 Revitalize Succubus for her 35k damage proc.
I did not suggest any stunners (TG and Champion) because they don't have 2/5 Revitalize and they're unlikely to proc in time and get their stuns off. For the remaining 3 slots, just pick the ones who can do the most damage from normal hits (ignore skill).

I don't know the exact base damage of your heroes, but I'm quite sure the highest DPS (ignoring skill) heroes would probably be your SM, Snowzilla (due to War God talent) and PD.

Personally I would strongly suggest that you re-roll your 4/5 Sprint Champion for 2/5 or higher Revitalize.
Arena is a nice source of HB but bossing would provide you with more HB if you're able to do 3 minutes rounds.
That 2/5 or higher Revitalize for Champion would give you a real shot at full 3 minute boss fights (which will probably be around 10m+ damage).
That means you'll be solo-ing Boss 1 in under 10 minutes for 3500 HB. At that point of time you can open your own guild and find your friends or people who can't really fight boss to share the daily 50 shard cost of Boss 1 to earn HB together (let them take 2nd-10th place and have them contribute a part of the shard cost while you fight the boss for them)

Posted on 3/16/14 1:55:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I want to give an uptadet of how my team turned out.

Druid 115, Berserk 2/5, 3/9
TG 113, Revive 1/5, 3/9
Champion 111, Berserk 3/5, 3/9
Succubus 100, Revitalize 2/5, 3/9
Paladin 100, Sprint 2/5, 2/9

I started dropping Paladin, and hit and run, ~25 000
Then I tried TG as tank and keep Paladin out of it ~30000
Then I tried TG as tank and oly Succubus ~55 000

All that potential sitting by as subs if Succubus would die and I need the B-squad to come in.

Posted on 3/16/14 2:28:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Apparently I had the same issues as yours.  No PD...  :(

This is the heroes I had for boss fight.  Please advice the best combination team:-

Lvl 122 Druid 5/5 Revit
Lvl 120 TG 5/5 Revit
Lvl 100 Pal 4/5 Slow down
Lvl 80 Suc 5/5 Berserk
Lvl 120 Sz 5/5 Revit
Lvl 80 Champ 4/5 Berserk
Lvl 60 Ninja 4/5 Heavy Blow
Lvl 80 Cupid 3/5 Revit
Lvl 40 Exec 3/5 Heavy Blow

Currently my guild fighting boss 2 every night.  The team I had been using is Ninja (with berserk) + druid + Pal + Sz + TG.  I am dropping Druid in first and the rest behind.  The slow down of pal + slow down proc by sz actually is buying me extra 2~4 secs before the boss reaches the druid.  Druid will be taking a proc + 2 hits from the boss before I run.

I had been wondering if anyone would be able to permanent stun the boss without the PD but with Exec skill lvl 7 & cupid & champ?

Please advice what kinda of line up I should choose with the heroes I had.

Posted on 3/16/14 8:01:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just started soloing boss one and would like to share with you guys.  My hereos:
  Druid (100) 4/9, 3/5 Revit
Champ (80) 2/9, 3/5 Heavy blow
Suc (80) 3/9, 2/5 Heavy blow
PD (100) 4/9, 4/5 Heavy blow
Paladin (83) 3/9, 1/5 Revive

I tried using thunder god but I found Suc helps finish the boss in 15-18 minutes.  I drop paly and drop everyone else behind boss,  if I can get 1 or 2 hb's before champ procs, I can get anywhere from 800k-6 Mil damage.  I have gone a couple rounds for the full 3 mins, but that is all based on HB procs.  

Before I used Suc I had TG with 4/5 Revit, so only two hb's were required to solo for me.

Posted on 3/17/14 2:38:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have been using these hero combo for tier 2 Boss Fight.

Druid (135) 4/9, 2/5 Revit
Champ (125) 2/9, 1/5 Revit
Suc (122) 3/9, 5/5 Tenacity
PD (130) 4/9, 3/5 Heavy blow
Paladin (120) 3/9, 2/5 Revive

I can Deal about 11mil in 3mins if my Pd procs the Heavy Blow first.

Posted on 3/18/14 2:52:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Anyone know the minimum hp required to reliably survive the t3 boss aoe? This is for a "hit until revive hero dies" strategy, so I need to be able to survive all aoe attacks, not just some or most.

I have a one hero with 16.4k that survives most, and another with 17.8 that survives all, so the max aoe dmg must be within that range.