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[Guides] Guild Boss Fight Guide/Discussion [And STRATEGIES]

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Posted on 4/17/14 6:29:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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a132353674 replied at 4-17-2014 02:11 AM
Hi guys,

i have a question about succubus debuff : does it affects aoe proc boss 2 dmg ?

It does affect all types of DMG including AoE. And pali shiled applies to actual damage pali receives, so succubus/pali reduction will stack.

Say 11000 AoE, with 25% debuff it's 8250 actual hit to pali and if pali has shield up, then only 40% gets through, so 3300 hti to HP bar on pali

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Who wants to be happy

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Doesnt each stun proc override the others?

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i do it like this

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Haven't had time to answer all the questions and do an update on the damage reference list (with contributions from forumites).

But here is a video of boss 1 solo w/o PD Cupid that I've just added to the first page of my thread.

Posted on 5/6/14 6:50:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

maybe someone can help me do better on boss 1.  heres my heros worth using on boss.

druid121   1/5 beserk
pd120  4/5 stoneskin    6/9 celebrate
champ120 2/5 revite
tg119   1/5 revive
succ100  1/5 heavy blow

cupid100  3/5 revite

i've gone full 3 min before but its rare.  I usually drop tg then when boss targets i drop the rest on him.  tg usually dies when champ procs so a lot of times i have to exit because boss will target tg again half the time.  i'd like to use cupid but when i take out succ its harder to get a good stun chain going.

What order/timing should i be doing to get the most out of what i have?  i've been trying to get a new talent for pd, but no luck.

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Borknagar77 replied at 5-7-2014 07:50 AM
maybe someone can help me do better on boss 1.  heres my heros worth using on boss.

druid121   1/5  ...

You can try this lineup:
Druid (tank)

1. Drop Druid away from Boss.
2. Once boss aggros on Druid, drop all the rest of your heroes

You'll need to hope for lucky Heavy Blows from Succubus early to start the chain stun off.
2 Heavy Blow procs before Boss reaches Druid will make a lot of difference, as it'll buy time for your Champion to proc (2/5 Revitalize is proc on 5th hit)

In the meantime hope for a decent Revitalize/Berserk on your PD (but if you don't have much gems and get Heavy Blow before you get a good level of Revitalize/Berserk, keep it and jump to Druid straight since 2 Heavy Blow heroes help a lot).
Once your PD gets at least 2/5 Revitalize or Berserk, you can start re-rolling your Druid for higher levels of Berserk or Heavy Blow.

If you're not too far from 6th hero base, you can re-roll TG once you're done with PD and Druid.

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xKeisukex replied at 5-6-2014 11:17 PM
You can try this lineup:
Druid (tank)

ok i'll give it a try tonight.  Just rolled a 1/5 heavy blow on my pumpkin duke so that should help.  Never tried it without the thunder god.  Didnt think i could stun him enough with just champion.  Im not really sure how fast champ will be procing. If the boss only attacks once before getting stunned again im usually ok, but if its more then he procs and i lose heros.

what frustrates me is i was getting good stun runs, and even a 3 min run, but dropping the same way isnt working now, and i hadnt changed any talents or anything.  Cant seem to get the timing right.  By my heros i shuold be able to do ok i would think

Posted on 5/7/14 3:19:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have
TG 90 lvl 3/9 revit 1/5
Druid 95 4/9 revive 1/5
Succ 88 3/9 revit 3/5
Champ 60 2/9(new) deadly strike 1/5
Cupid 80 2/9 exp 1/5
Palla 80 3/9 scorch 5/5
Exe 80 3/9 stone skin 1/5

How i can chain stun boss !? or just fight all 3 mins
Which talents reroll? Should i waiit for PD?

Posted on 5/8/14 7:12:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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is it possible for me to permastun boss 1 anytime soon?
I am currently using

4/5 bulwark l88 pumpking(3/9)
3/5 revit l88 cupid(3/9)
3/5 revit l80 druid(3/9)
1/5 revit l55 champ(3/9)
l60 paladin as initial bait fodder

I do have a l60 succubus,as well as a TG with 1/5 berserk at 83.