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[Guides] Guild Boss Fight Guide/Discussion [And STRATEGIES]

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I normally do not post, but this is such a great thread I thought I would contibute and keep it going.

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"I normally do not post, but this is such a great thread I thought I would contibute and keep it going."
(Switched to pc)

I can't seem to perma stun boss but hope that it is my stupidity and not my lack of PD. I will appreciate any suggestions. When I tank with Pally on T2, I lose my entire team on 2nd proc from boss.Thanks!

122 TG 4/5 Revitalize (4/9)
120 Succ 2/5 Revive (4/9)
118 Cupid 4/5 Bulwark (5/9)
115 Ninja 4/5 Berserk (4/9)
114 Pally 2/5 Revive (3/9)
113 Druid 1/5 Heavy Blow (4/9)
112 Champ 2/5 Revitalize (4/9)
103 Immortep 1/5 Heavy Blow (3/9)

(Normal bench):
100 Snowzilla 4/5 Slow Down (4/9)
84 Spirit Mage 5/5 War God (3/9) she's new.....
80 Atlanticore 4/5 Berserk (2/9) also new....
67 Grizzly Reaper 2/5 Scatter (1/9) born this morning....

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ExLaxExlax replied at 6-8-2014 02:26 AM
"I normally do not post, but this is such a great thread I thought I would contibute and keep it goi ...

@ExLaxExlax I think you can try this line up:

Druid 1/5 Heavy Blow (Tank, he's the one getting hit so he gains energy faster than the other heroes and heals faster) - you might need him to be lvl 120+ (7 stars) for stronger heal to sustain the 3 minutes

TG 4/5 Revitalize (3rd hit stun)
Champion 2/5 Revitalize (5th hit stun)
Immortep 1/5 Heavy Blow
Succubus 2/5 Revive 4/9 skill (reduce damage for 6 seconds while she procs once every 7 seconds from 2nd proc onwards, meaning most of the time when Druid gets hit the damage will be reduced)

The good part about this line up is that you don't have to specially drop your heroes in any order to do a chain stun.
Just drop your Druid as tank to draw aggro and drop everything else together.

The timeline is as follows:
0:03 - TG stuns for 1.5 seconds (until 0:045) and next proc will be 7 hits later (or 7 seconds later) at 0:10
0:05 - Champion stuns for 3 seconds (until 0:08) and next proc will be 7 hits later (or 7 seconds later) at 0:12
0:08 - Immortep procs (most likely will hit and stun boss with the first proc hit before 0:10 when TG stuns again)
0:10 - TG's 2nd 1.5 seconds stun .... cycle continues

The actual outcome may vary from boss doing AOE proc and giving every hero 15 energy (which may potentially mess up the chain stun, every second counts), but give it a try and see how it goes.
It's probably easier to do an uninterrupted chain stun on Boss 1 because the other heroes won't get hit by Boss 1's very small AOE proc.

If you're able to last 3 minutes Boss 2, it probably means you're able to last 3 minutes Boss 1 too. Which will open you up to a new option of whether to stay in your T2 Boss guild or make your own guild to solo Boss 1 (cost 50 shards, rank 1 gets 3500 HB total) for around 22-24 minutes (assuming around 4.x m damage / 3 minutes).

Cupid is awesome but the energy gain might mess up the chain stun too, I suggest bringing Cupid in when you finally roll a PD. When you have both of them at decent skill levels, you probably need only 1 stunner (Champion) and there will be no issues of chain stun sequence being messed up.

I'll try to find time and answer the earlier posts from other players (have been having university exams the whole month) as well as update the contribution from players for reference (on heroes/talents used and damage for boss).

Thanks guys for your contributions!

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Martin_Kjeldsen replied at 6-7-2014 12:22 AM
Hi guys..
I want to solo boss 2.
Can i do it with some of these heroes.:


Your first strategy where you drop your revive Druid to take aggro, and die into Paladin as next tank (as there are no other melee heroes nearby) while you delay time for Cupid to gain energy to proc for your TG and Champion is a good idea.
However it's more suitable in Boss 1, this is because for Boss 2 there is a chance that your newly revived Druid might get hit by an AOE proc and die a second time immediately before he heals up.
For Boss 1 as long as the Paladin and Druid are standing on opposite sides the Druid will be safe.
Do take note of the aggro problem if Boss gets stunned by Heavy Blow while Druid is reviving though, he may end up hitting the Druid again instead of turning to hit the Paladin.

I agree with your selection of heroes too
Revive Druid as tank
Cupid Heavy Blow
Paladin Heavy Blow
TG Heavy Blow
Champion Berserk

Your Paladin won't be strong enough to tank until all the heroes start to proc, so you can only use your Druid as main tank which I feel is better as well.
Not too sure how far you will be able to take your team with this setup for Boss 2, you might be able to last 3 minutes but there is also the problem of whether you have enough DPS to deal 80m damage in 3 minutes.
If it doesn't work out I would suggest you stick with solo-ing Boss 1 using the first strategy until you get PD if you're not in a guild.

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AlexVain replied at 5-12-2014 08:59 PM
maybe someone can help me do better on boss 2.


Usually when you select your tank heroes, it's either because the hero itself is a tank hero (Paladin/AC) or the hero benefits from getting hit by boss and gaining energy faster.
This is the reason Druid is often use as the tank, because while Druid is getting dealt more damage than the other heroes (boss normal hits + AOE proc) he also gains energy to heal faster (off setting part of the damage received as tank)

In that theory having PD or Champion to tank would also be a good idea since they can proc faster, but practically speaking they will die too fast which is why we stick to Druid who can cope with tanking the Boss' attacks.

However your Druid needs some more levels (preferably level 120 or higher) for a higher hp base and heal amount.
I notice that the priority in which you leveled your heroes' skills is also a bit off.

1. You need Druid to be 4/9 in order to heal 5 targets, having 3/9 would mean 1 hero is not getting healed during the boss fight while the whole team is taking AOE damage.

2. Cupid's skill level is optimized at 1/9, 4/9, 7/9 and 9/9 due to how energy gaining works. You wasted 70k skill exp to increase Cupid from 4/9 to 5/9 (adds 5 energy when skill procs) because each normal hero attack adds 15 energy, the 5 energy increase is insufficient to cover 1 attack gain of 15 energy (in other words Cupid 4/9 and 5/9 makes no difference at all)
It is only when Cupid is 7/9 (adds 15 energy more than 4/9) that it shortens your heroes' proc time by 1 attack.
Thus that means you need another 320k skill exp from 5/9 to 7/9 for that 1 attack time gain.

I advise that you stop leveling up Cupid's skills and concentrate on PD instead (as well as making Druid 4/9)
You should only add Cupid's skill level when you save enough shards to level his skill at one shot from the current optimal skill level you're at to the next optimal skill level (because in the event like now when you got a PD later, you have 70k skill exp stuck in Cupid which could have been given to PD first).

3. I notice that your PD's level is much lower than your Cupid, so I'm assuming that you got him on a later date than the Cupid. I'll suggest you increase Druid to 4/9 and put all future shards into PD until he's about 7/9 Celebrate.
This is because for 7/9 to 8/9 you need 500k skill exp for 5% more attack speed, at this point it would be better for you to invest 320k skill exp into Cupid instead.

I think you should have a much easier time doing boss once your PD reaches 5/9 to 6/9.

Your preferred team line up will be:

Druid 4/9 skill 3/5 revive as tank (preferably higher level, prioritize your HB on leveling him)
PD 2/5 beserk, celebrate level as high as possible
Champion 2/5 revitalize (stun on the 5th hit)
Cupid 5/9 skill

Your 5th hero slot is a bit more flexible, either TG for that 1.5 seconds stun or Succubus for that damage reduction to boss as well as 35k damage proc. I suggest experimenting with both, but the main thing to pull boss fight off is still your PD skill level.

Talent wise, I think you can leave Druid PD Champion TG alone.
You can consider rerolling Cupid for Heavy Blow or Revitalize (berserk is not needed due to 6 seconds cooldown limitation for Cupid procs).

Succubus, you can roll a variety of talents. I prefer Berserk, Heavy Blow over Revitalize for Boss, but I'll take any one of them.

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mmaxinski replied at 5-8-2014 04:19 AM
I have
TG 90 lvl 3/9 revit 1/5
Druid 95 4/9 revive 1/5


Currently you won't be able to do 3 minutes boss 1 fight.
I suggest you fight with a hit and run strategy with revive Druid and revitalize Succubus as your core:

Druid 1/5 Revive as tank
Succubus 3/5 Revitalize (4th hit to proc)
Other 3 slots just your highest DPS heroes (ignoring skill because they should not have enough time to proc apart from Succubus)

To fight boss 1 for 3 minutes without PD, you need a tri-core stunner team as well as minimum 2/5 Revitalize Champion (5th hit proc, which is already borderline) and your tank Druid to be higher level preferably 120+ (around 20k base hp, 5.6k heal). You're still quite far away from the requirements but you should be still be doing decently well with the Druid/Succubus hit and run in the meantime.
Key thing is that while your Druid is tanking, you need an early stun from a Revitalize stunner to start the stun chain coming before Druid dies. The reason we usually aim for Champion as first stunner is because he has the longest stun time of 3 seconds to buy time for other heroes to proc.

For talent re-rolls I would advise to reroll away the useless talents on your core bossing heroes first.
1. Champion to Revitalize (preferably 2/5 or higher), Heavy Blow or Berserk (preferably at least 2/5 or higher as 10% at 1/5 doesn't do much)
2. Cupid to Revitalize or Heavy Blow (berserk doesn't do much since there is a 6 seconds cooldown limitation)
3. TG to Revitalize (preferably 2/5 or higher), Heavy Blow or Berserk (preferably at least 2/5 or higher as 10% at 1/5 doesn't do much). The current 1/5 Revitalize makes TG's 1st proc occur at 7th hit instead of 8th hit, while a 2/5 revitalize will make him proc at 5th hit.

If you have the above 3 heroes with decent talents and still do not roll PD yet, you can consider re-rolling Executioner to see if he has any luck for very high level Revitalize, Heavy Blow or Berserk to replace TG or other heroes who may have average talents.

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Great Guide!

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The1Druid replied at 5-3-2014 11:50 PM
Doesnt each stun proc override the others?

Do you mean in cases where shorter stun times (eg. 1 sec heavy blow) override longer stun times (eg. Champion 3 sec stun)? I'm using a set up with 4/5 Revitalize Champion and 3 heavy blows.
Personally I haven't encountered any instances where my Champion's 3 sec stun ended prematurely from being interrupted by heavy blow. But in all honesty even if it really happens it's going to be hard for anyone to tell at all.

@MaxDonators: Thanks! :)

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MasakiKazuki replied at 5-8-2014 08:12 PM
is it possible for me to permastun boss 1 anytime soon?
I am currently using

It'll be awhile before you can perma-stun boss 1, but you have heroes with great potential (pd/cupid)!
At the point of this delayed reply I'm assuming your hero levels/skill levels are probably going to be higher, so I'll just give a general guideline for you.

You can abuse PD/Cupid for multiple PD buff stacking, you need a Druid for heal/attack buff and a Champion for 3 seconds stun.
You have very OP heroes, once their proc gets going you'll take boss 1/2 down easily. So the only thing you have to be concerned about is how to get their procs going before your tank hero dies.

Most people depend on a Revitalize Champion or any other stunners, but preferably at least 2/5 Revitalize (5th hit to proc) due to the number of hits required for stun to come out (refer to revitalize table on first page of thread).

I feel 5th hit for Champion to proc is probably the most reasonable borderline requirement for those people using a Druid who has a 3 wall spacing attack range as tank, which will buy more time for your Champion to proc as boss slowly walks to Druid (and proc the 3 seconds stun before Druid dies).

Your Cupid's 3/5 Revitalize talent is great, just get his skill to 4/9, 7/9 or 9/9 (optimal levels). I suggest keeping Cupid at 4/9 until your PD gets to 7/9, then you can proceed to get Cupid to 7/9.

Your PD needs to be at least 5/9-6/9, and talent wise try to reroll for Revitalize or Berserk (both at least 2/5 and higher) but if your gems are limited then you can keep Heavy Blow as well if you get one.

Your Champion has 1/5 Revitalize (7th hit to proc), would advise the same thing as PD. Preferably Revitalize/Berserk 2/5 but if you can get Heavy Blow its better than nothing.

Your Druid's talent is decent, only thing is that your skill level needs to be 4/9 to heal 5 heroes (and 5/9 to heal 6 heroes when you get your 6th hero base).

For the last slot, you can use either your TG or Succubus depending on your current mix of heroes. But in general a high level Heavy Blow/Revitalize stunner hero (eg .TG, Executioner with 4/9 skill for 2 seconds stun) to help start the first round of procs off would be great.

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thx for your help with boss 1 a while back.  now that my guild is trialing boss 2, i am running into some problems.  i have posted this in the general forum but thought this may be a better place for it.
i was finally able to last 3 minutes against boss 1.  i thought the same line up would also work against boss 2 but i failed miserably.  the tank(druid) always seems to die just before his second proc. doesn't boss 2 do a little less damage than boss 1 except it has aoe damage?  why wouldn't it work?  is it because the aoe messes up the proc timing?

Here are my heros:
druid 124 4/9 zerk 1/5
tg 123 4/9 hb 1/5
sm 120 4/9 enlighten 3/5
suc 120 4/9 revit 3/5
immo 117 3/9 hb 1/5
ninja 112 3/9 revit 1/5
pd 110 5/9 zerk 1/5
champ 103 3/9 revit 3/5
pal 100 3/9 reviv 1/5
ac 100 3/9 revit 3/5

i am using druid/tg/pd/champ/succ for boss 1.  i do have an executioner level 80 3/9 slow down 1/5.  should i bring him into the mix?  hopefully you can give me a few pointers.  thx in advance.