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[Guides] 5 common mistakes new clashers make

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Is it even possible to get 20 gmail accounts? you need to verify them right?

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Add bumping year old threads to the list.

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I first began playing CC roughly 8 months ago. Being an avid gamer I knew what I needed to do. In my first 2 weeks of playing I made nearly 50 accounts. Here are the results to date. Excluded are PD accounts I have given away to guild mates. Clearly some accounts are luckier than others. (*) Indicate PD or DK accounts for my personal reference.

01- AC, dru, tg, suc, ch, nin, gr, sz
02- paly, dru, pdx3, vlad, orks, santa, sz, ac, gr, tg, immo, nin, ch, suc * Main Account
03- sz. ac. nin, ch, tg, dru2, suc, gr, pal, immo, pd *
04- sz, ac, nin, suc, dru, tg, pd *
05- paly, dru, nin, suc, vlad, areies, cha
06- paly, dru, cupid, nin, suc, pd *
07- paly, dru, ac, immo, ch, tg, nin
08- paly, dru, cha, nin, sz
09- paly, dru, immo, suc, nin
10- paly, dru, AC, suc, cha, tg, immo, nin, gr, PD, pix *
11- paly, dru, suc, pd     *
12- paly, dru, suc, ch, PD *
13- paly, dru, cha, cupid
14- paly, dru, AC
15- paly, dru, suc, aries, immo, nin
16- paly, dru, CHA, aries
17- paly, dru, immo
18- paly, dru, tg, immo, nin, vlad, ac
19- paly, dru, ac
20- paly, dru
21- paly, dru, cha,
22- paly, dru, cha, ork, suc, nin
23- paly, dru, nin, sz, immo
24- paly, dru, tg, nin,
25- paly, dru, suc, immo, nin
26- paly, dru, suc, aries, orc, immo
27- paly, dru, suc, orc
28- paly, dru, cupid, suc
29- paly, dru, cha
30- paly, dru, suc, AC, immo, PD   *
31- paly, dru, cha, AC
32- paly, dru, cupid, sz, pix, DK  *
33- paly, dru, suc, nin
34- paly, dru, suc, immo
35- paly, dru
36- paly, dru, immo
37- paly, dru, immo, DK  *
38- paly, dru, sz, cha, gr
39- paly, dru, tg, nin
40- paly, dru, suc, tg, cha, sz, santa, cupid, pd, AC *
41- paly, dru, suc, PD *

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I rolled over 400k hb and didn't get a single legendary hero, my friend rolled 20k hb and got a druid. :/ crappy lucky on my part. I wish i known this one. Great Guide.

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I started playing yesterday and followed your advice by making 10 accounts. I managed to get 3 legendary heroes out of those 10 (namely Druid, Paladin, and PD). Right now I'm using the account with PD as my main. 

You mentioned that I should try to keep my might as low as possible. Does that mean I shouldn't bother upgrading army camps (or build new ones) since troops will become obsolete later on anyway?

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I would recommend you build army camps, because later on you will get quests from the quest board that you must donate troops, Trust me it Sucks when you can only donate a few troops at a time. Also to keep your might low consume all heros (excluding the PD) Dont build gold mines or mana pumps to. the lower your might you go against easy bases and with PD's power it wont be to hard to beat them.

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i have seen players with level 10 walls, th 10-12, hero levels around 20 and obviously
low might so that tells me that they used gems to upgrade those walls BIG MISTAKE

“Life ... is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”

― William Shakespeare, Macbeth
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setting up gmails right now :)

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So dificult to get it hahah