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[Off-Topic] Resigning From Castle Clash

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Posted on 9/23/14 10:10:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just letting know the one who cares that I’m officially resigning from CC.

I played this game since august 2013, brought 3 account from scratch to #1 arena rank, I will not do this a 4th time, it’s time to say goodbye.
I stopped playing the day my account was taken away from me (eelljjjjhhhh), from that point I honestly thought I could get it back as the situation I’m in is just ridiculous.
I tried everything, made about 5 requests to IGG then spoke for 2 weeks with Eva, a forum admin.
Turns out nothing can be done  as the creator of the account used his old original gmail to link back the account and all ips match his request, while I’m not in the same country as he is.
The creator which I remind you destroyed his account more than once and took it back only to give it to someone else after giving it to me, back in february, without limitations.

I realized the situation was so ridiculous I shouldn’t even fight it anymore, IGG is a joke so any rational argument won’t work.
I’ve only been faced with such a situation, where I’m totally helpless, twice in real life and learned that the best solution is simply to walk away and let it go (a boss story and a girlfriend story, yeah...).

So now just a small summary, I played eelljjjjhhhh account for about 7 months (many hours a day every single day), spent by far the most time on this account, farmed over 95% of the shards and did most of the grinding.
Played every single HE chances, spent a lot of time finding the most efficient way to reach top might, etc.
The account was on my gmail for all this time (a gmail created in Canada), it’s obvious every way you look at it that it belongs to me now.

Now don’t worry about money, I’ve got every penny I’ve spent in this game back and more so.
The time I spent is worth far more money than what has been spent on this account though.

I tried to make IGG understand that if I don’t get my account back those things will happen:
1. They will lose a paying costumer, me.
2. The owner of the account is not coming back to play the game so will not spend either.
3. The account will be given to a F2P (if ever restored) and not 1$ will be spend on it ever again.

All these points have one thing in common, IGG will not make any money from stealing the account from me.
Not only that but they will (and did) have money taken from them just like they took the account from me.

Now how can a money hungry company like IGG take a decision that will reduce their earning?
Well I told you any rational argument will not work, IGG employees are pretty dumb and this situation is probably too complicated for them to understand.

Since I stopped playing I’ve had much more time on my hands, I found another game on which I will spend some of my time but I for sure will not get involved as I was in Castle Clash.
Don’t forget that CC is just one of thousands of games and it’s easy to find another game just as much fun and cheaper to perform in it.

I still have a few things left to do so that IGG lose some more money, so I’ll stick around but I won’t be playing the game anymore.

PS: I left every single line chat, since I'm out of the game it pains me too much seeing so many players spend thousands on Aeris and talents, as I've seen this happens at least 5 times since I started playing.
I won't judge them but I seriously had enough of the same old sad sight, enough is enough...


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Bye hacker mchackerton

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"I still have a few things left to do so that IGG lose some more money"

May we know how are you gonna do this? you gonna hack their bank accounts?

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good bye

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Good luck with your life men. If you decide to come back be a F2P, but a real one, not like the real grimm up there.

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(162707614) replied at 9-23-2014 03:15 PM
"I still have a few things left to do so that IGG lose some more money"

May we know how are you gon ...

Go watch Hurshh's Video and keep pausing and read all the PM's

They found things about IGG which involve Legal reasons.

These top guys are high in the business sector and know what they're doing.

Clever if you ask me :)

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Cya, enjoy having a thicker wallet.

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You're trying to make it seem like igg is the only game company that would deny you ownership in this situation but they aren't. You aren't his relative or guardian so theres no reason for you to ever think you can claim ownership but nonetheless goodbye and have fun.

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