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[Off-Topic] I got a great idea how to fix the rolling debat

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Posted on 4/20/17 4:18:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Leave rolling system just as it is and offer each legendary hero for sale in the bazaar :) problem solved pay to play can just buy the hero they want for price set free to play can save gems and roll and or buy the hero they need . It is the perfect solution

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Posted on 4/20/17 5:49:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think the best eay to fix the rolling system is to implement clash of lords 10x roll it guarantees you a legend at least

Posted on 4/20/17 6:05:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

it's tough to find a fair way of doing this because igg want to make money and we don't want to spend money. with something called luck there is a chance of never getting what you want. but at the same time being able to buy exactly what you want kind of kills the fun of rolling which in turn hurts their profits. I think that the petition that is going around that from what I think is being asked for which is a increase in odds of rolling legends as a general statement would be the best thing. but again if they do it once why wouldn't we petition again and try to keep raising the odds? I don't think the person who pays to play can ever truly be happy unless it's completely free. 

so how do we fix the problem? i have no idea lol 

as a suggestion to igg, find a person who is a third party person who can come in and evaluate all the problems we talk about and all their need of money to run their business and see if there is a middle grounds that can be found

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I take it all back , I just read a 183 page report on how much this game brings in the $ that these ppl make I am discussed, fix the rolling system make your customers happy, I now understand why they are doing that now

Posted on 4/20/17 6:44:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is Clash of Clans, which was likely inspiration for CC originally     Daily revenue $386K

And here is CC   Daily revenue is $25K.

Keep in mind, those are not profits.   Those are revenues.   And yet CoC is boring as hell and has been essentially same for several years.   Meanwhile CC has frequent updates and far more intricate gameplay.

So, tell me again who is a greedy moneygrabber company ripping off the players?

Posted on 4/20/17 6:52:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

And third u showed up the same time that this stuff started igg employee, I think so

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First lady are we allowed to put links up , if so the whole cc community can read the 183 page report that I did

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The main difference between a game like coc and cc, is that with coc the main thing you spend money on is upgrades and in a game of defence you really want to get the best you can get, I used to play age of empires castle siege and all you could spend your gold (paid currency) on was the heroes / troops you select for attack which gained Crowns or your defence in which you could hope to get crowns I spent a few k on that trying to do my defence didn't help much I must say u found cc and got hooked somewhat but still see where it needs to change, i believe igg are on to something good with this game they just need to not care for money so much, plenty of people buy for a tome get ripped and stop, because A) their 'luck' is bad or whatever B) they make the odds so ridiculous that you have to spend exorbitant amounts so you don't bother again now if they implemented something which is in clash of lords giving you a legend at least per every10x roll I believe they would make more just my two cents

Posted on 4/20/17 7:23:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This should sum it up . Point blank