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[Off-Topic] I'm surprised the game isn't dead yet

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Posted on 8/4/17 12:44:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I quit CC about a year ago and thought I'd come back here on the forums to see what's going on. Nothing has changed at all.

Recruit threads still going on, cc continues to jack people of their money and the players even know about it. The game isn't f2p friendly. New hero comes out every 1-2 months. Power creep is way out of control. Hope you're having fun everyone.

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It is already. Just check the Forums. Most people are gone, including myself, haha.

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You are forgetting that if this game was only for f2p it would be long dead by now, cause from where they would get cash for all bills ? Everything costs money, no one would like to work for free. You don't want to pay?? Then don't pay, but don't complain that this game is not f2p friendly cause if it would be, then every p2p would have all heroes, pimped to max and f2p wouldn't stand chance against that kind of ppl in every game aspect (now only those heavy spenders, or really lucky one have that). Most of good heroes like gs, anubis, rockno would be as paid or event heroes, not rollable, and F2P would never had chance to get them. It is simple as a flail design.

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I think it is interesting that people who feel the game is on it's way out and that have quit would waste their time in the game's forum.  Seem to be rather a waste of precious time.  If you have evolved past it and do not agree with the mechanics, then why waste time posting?  Just my 2 cents.


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Posted on 8/4/17 4:33:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

there are plenty out there who still enjoy the game and are still happy to put money into it

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This is your chance to learn something, OP - namely the disconnect between reality and your judgement.    Use this opportunity to better yourself.

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what the fuck up to all the homies expect Fe2O3, f2ptfwyo and Just_an_ape.
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I actually appreciate the "troll," and I think it's an interesting comment. There are valid points made, imo.

But I think CC's still a fun game, and I play F2P. I went P2P for a while last year, and was just shy of getting SM, when I became so disgusted by the game's value proposition that I stopped paying and just kept playing. Some of the "offers" are so ridiculously bad that buying them is tantamount to slapping a sticker on your forehead that says "SUCKER." In fact, to me, the game is more friendly to F2P (who are happy to play mostly for fun) than P2P, because it's not F2P who are literally starting forest fires of cash, and the game does provide tons of opportunities for getting good heroes and resources for free (if you are patient). And I take more pride in my RL bottom line, than whether I rock or suck at SS.

I do think that the Bazaar offers are an improvement over what they used to have. Still needs improvement, but better than before.