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[Off-Topic] Where to spend resources on

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Posted on 8/13/17 4:12:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys,

I recently bought some gems, and I've been saving resources like shards for a long time now, and now I need help in deciding where to spend them.

I got 15k fame atm, with 10 oath tablets spare, 8 lvl 8 talent runes and 3 lvl 7 talent runes. I got more or less 300k shards if I count the essence I allready have too.

So with rolling gems, I got rockno, mechtessa and heartbreaker for new heroes (don't have gunslinger, anubis or rhonin).

For other heroes I'd wanna work on: 

  • sk => augmented, evo 200, 8/10 with 5/5 corrode
  • ghoulem => augmented, evo 200, 9/10, 3/5 enlighten
  • Michael => NOT augmented, evo 180, 8/10, 8/8 bladeshell
  • aries => NOT augmented, evo 180, 8/10, 5/5 revite

Now I have 4 aries backups, 3 michael backups, 2 ghoulem backups and 2 sk backups. 

I was thinking of maybe devo sk and ghoulem (cost 20k shards each extra) and devo + augment michael (cost 40k shards so I don't have to use my oath tablets yet and save fame). This will cost me 18k fame for devo'ing and augmenting (which I'll have in like a week), but I wont have any fame left then. Reason I wanna augment michael is cause I got burning plate (only level one) allready waiting and I really want that on him.

Now, I don't do anything with my aries then though, and I wont have fame to do something with my newer heroes.

So what would you guys do, + which of the 3 newer heroes is the best to work on? Didn't hear a lot from mechtessa yet, she's prob good in some things, but maybe rockno/heartbreaker are better? 

So let me know where you guys would spend the fame I got now, feature fame and my shards. I also wanted to lvl the skills of green and blue heroes to lvl 7 so I can get 5 blue and green garrissons and I can leave those for a long time, this will cost me 117k shards (allready have some at lvl 7 skill).

Thanks in advance!

Posted on 8/13/17 5:28:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Some thoughts:

SK - makes sense to me.   Devo SK is a beast, even if less OP than used to be.

Ghoulem - makes sense to me.   Devo Ghoulem is useful just about anywhere.

Mike - make sense to me.   Not sure if BP is his best enchantment, but unless he is born with something high, might as well try that.   And Mike has become a key hero in a bunch of places, arguably most essential after Anubis/GS and taking place of ever-fragile PD in some modes.

Aries - yeah, he will have to wait.

HB and Rocky do seem to be better than Mechtessa, from what I see.   So they get some love ahead of her.

Garrisons would depend on HBM and GW.   If you are in a guild where you are a one of top might people, you get hit a lot, so garrisons would help.   If you are pushing HBM3, same.   If not doing either, you might be better off spending skillup on main heroes.

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Posted on 8/13/17 8:25:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would devo before i augment