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[Off-Topic] Tired of the offensive posts. Is Reddit better?

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Posted on 9/27/17 12:16:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I feel same as you guys and will urge everyone to stay in CC forum as this is a really huge source of knowledge for many players. When i started CC i learned a lot from mods here and many other players who have been around for years. 

Now to the point of Reddit i havent seen such thing over there atlist for CC. I dont use reddit as much as i use CC forums so i might be wrong. At the same time its also possible that after looking this thread the person divert him on Reddit too again this is just a possibility so lets stick to gather as we have all this years and wait for mods or CC tech team to find better way to filter things out.

For Mods- Just a hint I am technical too and there are ways to cross check the details before the person can actually post thing. Have used such things in past but again it need dipper technical ability.

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Posted on 9/27/17 3:48:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Best thing to do is look at it in the restroom, if you want to read it from work.

Posted on 9/27/17 4:23:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks guys for the support. Unfortunately we are just volunteers who love CC a little too much and do this out of the desire to help everyone grow in their abilities in CC. Sadly, some people do not like that and feel it is necessary to post such things as those you have seen. And as we all have jobs, we cannot be on here 24/7. The best thing to do if you see that thread is to pm us a link to it and that way we will see we have (x) messages right away and dont miss any posts. Also, if you see comments of a similar manner, do the same and let us know what post number that comment was on and we will get rid of it a lot faster. Thanks guys!

Posted on 9/27/17 8:44:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for your support. We are  apologize for the bad experience in forum because of those offensive posts,  as @scottbryant said, if you see any offensive posts or comments, please don't hesitate to pm any of us and we will deal with them. we always trying our best to improve it. 

we truly wish all of our members have a fabulous time while sharing your experience and joy in Castle Clash forum and we will together make it a better place. Take care.

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