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[Off-Topic] Who;s Next in Line for evolution and why ?

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So, I need ur help. I ama evolving my Ghoulem soon and need your help who Should I priroritize on evolivng first ? I ahev Dupes for all hero's Mentioned in the Poll. Please gimme reasons also on whom hsould I choose next after PD,SK, Ghoul to join the Evo club

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1. Santaboom


2. Grimfeind


3. Micheal


4. Wallawala


5. Phantom King


6. Warlock


The poll has ended.

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Posted on 10/7/17 1:30:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Mikey.   Because good Mike helps whole team in number of ways in number of modes.   GF and Wally are runners up.   Santa... yeah, eventually, for dungeons.   PK eventually for lava.   WL is last.

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You have evo pd, sk and soon will be ghoulem too.  Thats buffer, tanks, healer  ,  so you need evo dmg dealer.  And from this list grimfiend is
I vote for him

Grimfiend is a great hero for almost all mods
And I use him evre where but gw attack

But a little information about where are you in the game could help

Also agree with savings wl to the last

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I vote Santa because you want him to help you get to insane 4-10.  Dungeons should be priority.

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I voted Mike but I'd almost do grimfiend for the reason stated by the other guy- debuffer missing from your evo squad

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Definitely Mike because I have used him before on another account and he is really good in all game modes. His guardian angle helps so much as well.

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I like Mike. He buffs your team, has a shield that deflects damage, has huge HP, has a nasty sidekick that deals Crit damage, and is good in almost all modes.

In 2nd place, imo, is Santa. Santa is not only the dungeon master, he is the raid master. Try buffing him with PD, Mike and Cupid & see what happens. With the recent updates, you need luck and a quick kill: if Santa gets the former, he delivers on the latter - especially once he's Devo'd.

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I'd go pd because more hp let's him live longer to stack more and fits most artifacts until you get blitz

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