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[Off-Topic] this is definitely one of my favorite time

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When they're choosing new mod,  we can see many new forum members surfacing coming here giving advice to everyone. Don't get me wrong, this is good but it would be better if you guys can stick around even after they have selected new mods, and even though you're not selected it doesn't mean you can't be helpful as a regular forum member. And as consolation for you, the new mods have 3 months probationary period so if they can't perform up to the required standard, you still have your shot so stick around longer!

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it keeps the forums alive

#E2P here!

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PS i lost login details of my veteran account hence had to make a new one after a hiatus

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I only come to this forum to read Dingfielder’s advice...bdelley and Hanya bull are pretty cool and knowledgeable too,you already know the next mod is rustybot/Fe203,that little nerd was here on xmas day making sure stupid people know that theyre stupid.

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I am not replying just to be selected as moderator, I am doing to help people because I really want to help this community:angel:

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