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[Off-Topic] It's January, 2020. Describe your day with Castle Clash!

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Let's give our imaginations some wings!

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Soar over to OT section.:angel:


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Get up and log into castle clash:

Do quest board.. (rewards still haven't changed)

Hero Roll, got ice witch...

Talent Roll, 1/5 self destruct.. (i now have 20+ heroes waiting for a 5/5 ss, fg, wg, bw, or any useful skill). (Haven't seen one in over 19 months)

Need to do 3 raids to 100%,  on my 1st try, I come across base with the new hero "SunGod" introduced June 2019. Auto processes casting his skill Armageddon. The power instantly kills all troops and heros and as a side effect my heros can't re-spawn for 2 hours and I have to spend 200 gems per hero.

I throw my phone across the room..

2 hours later i'm buying gems still hoping to get Anubis.

That's my day in Jan 2020.

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The year that windows 7 finally expires. RIP windows, i will miss the viruses that crippled you back in the days. That trojan worm that gave you a terrible rash and how all my files got wrecked. Yep, those were the days.

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After saving all of my SAEFHC's (Super Amazing Extra Fantastic Hero Cards implemented March 2018)  for 2 years I finally open them all at once... 89 Harpy Queens, 57 Death Knights, 33 Paladins, 28 Snowzillas and a Cupid!  That gives brings my total number of Harpy Queens in my alter to 300!!!  That means I'm halfway to being able to Quevo (Quadruple Evo).  Now I just need the requesite 90k fame.

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idk if cc will be still exist that time :P

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I'll be in 200k might (hopefully).
And Pyro-Legend is the TOP PLAYER once again. (Pls. Pyro-Hero)

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Demogorgon is 20$ in the bazaar

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Buy the $9.99 skeletica bazaar pack.