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[Off-Topic] Who is WallaWalla?

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Posted on 2/9/18 7:35:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ever since WallaWalla came out, people have just assumed that he is that funny looking blue-skinned guy with red stripes on his head.   But it may not be so.  Read his biography:

He is NOT the witch doctor himself.   That guy is a mere vessel.   He is mysterious creature which possesses the body of the witch doctor, while its true form hides in plain sight.

Now, the natural assumption is that WallaWalla is the staff or the bird.   That is supported by this:

But that is too easy.   Staves and birds would be natural suspects.   That is not much of a hide when you are the object most likely to be suspected.  And really, if you are mysterious creature unleashed by tribal blood ritual, moving the bird got to be a pretty easy trick for you to do.

So, looking at the witch doctor (who is NOT WallaWalla), we see this:

So, who in your opinion is WallaWalla?

1) It is staff after all.
2) Gotta be the bird
3) Skull necklace, duh
4) Dark tome of power with skull on it
5) One of those scrolls in good doctor's backpack
6) Loincloth.  Cause nobody would suspect loincloth
7) Belt with birdfaced buckle.   Gotta be that.    Or maybe buckle itself.

Credit (or blame) for this post goes to guildies with too much time and not enough to do to keep themselves busy.  :)

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Posted on 2/9/18 8:43:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

either the book of doom or the "long schlong" belt buckle

Posted on 2/9/18 10:35:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Since I love to read the hero's biography, I've always thought could be the weird face in the belt or the book.

However, remember that...ooh eh ooh ah ah , ting tang Walla Walla bing bang.

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Posted on 2/9/18 1:05:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

totally the bird sorry guys