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[Off-Topic] Do you remember when...

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Your sniper Thunder God proced and you screamed inside when it hit all 5 enemy hero bases?

Their Immortep proced and you just cried looking at your heroes dying away?

Druid was one man army?

You waited anxiously for your Pain Da and/or Cyclops to proc and wipe out an entire troop camp?

Or Executor was the back bone of your entire army?

Can we have those memory back? I mean have a feature where all modes are the same but we can only use Elites and Ordinary heroes?

Like there's an 'Elite mode' button and all the cooldowns are seperated?

Maybe we only get half the rewards, so that P2P players don't have to care much about the competition and F2P players can have some fun when one of their raiding heroes accidentally died?

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Oh, sure!. I saved shards to buy my Thunder God and first time I saw him proc from some far buildings and hitting towers and heroes, I was excited as a fangirl. 
Time ago, I remember someone from WeGamers that started a game to see if we could clear some Expert Dungeons using only Elite and Ordinary heroes, and it was really fun. Pets wasn't allowed!.

Would be good to give a second chance to all those Golden Glories from early days of Castle Clash. I undertand Destiny is pushing players to work again in some of them, but is not the same, because they are still sitting on the bench.

And, not related with your idea, but when I saw the title I expected a Macross thread :heart:

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Honesty, When I start CC, I was very fasinated on PD and VD  and thought that one who had them was incvincible. Now look where we are. :)

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I remember when i was waiting impatiently to save shards for Immo, and when i had 5k i rolled him with gems. That was game changer back there, troops were dying like flies than. Sigh.... And few days later i rolled PD, which was another game changer....

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Good times, good times.   I had my team of greens and blues going.  Didn't even understand significance of color back then.   Then rolled a new hero.   Hey, that "Vlad" guy seems to be interesting, lets try him ou... Woah!   He just spun some kind of circle and everyone died.

2k shards later, I post "which shard hero is worth buying".   That GR is still with me, sadly unused.   :)

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Christmas 2014 post:
       Its been about 3 months since i started. I got the executioner with 5/5 bulwark to start with. It took me some days to understand the game. I realised how important the legendary heroes are and how hard it is to get the better one. I am complete f2p player, so i started rolling heroes whenever i reached 150 gems. My first legend was the druid with 1/5 revit. Then i farmed hbm1 for TG, got him with 2/5 revit. In the mean time got pally from daily bonus and farmed again for succubus. I got her 5/5 war god using talent refresh card. By that time i knew the importance of 'the' PD. I must mention about serpent queen (3/5 revit) because of her contribution to hbm and raids. I got the chance to roll 1-2 heroes every 2-3 days but no legendary ever since the druid. The server maintenance before Christmas gave 1000 gems. I rolled with 450 gems twice and got some more blue/green. Consumed some of them and rolled with 150 gems this time and got PD!!!!!!!!.......with some useless talent which i replaced with 1/5 berserk which i had got with hero talent card.

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The facebook version is pretty outdated and runs as you dream about.

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Ah, the good old days of everyone having the starting Executioner as a hero, getting your first purple, and such. 

I remember collecting shards and being so excited to save up an get Immortep! But man did shards take a while to get... By the time I got like 4000 I had won him randomly xD Was pretty psyched and excited to spend them on something else!

I think it would be nice for there to be separate mode that only uses blue and green heroes and have it give good rewards xD.

Maybe they could have a mode where it uses 4 green and 2 blue heroes to do a dungeon or something. Could be fun. They could lead into it with a story of how all the mighty purple heroes are defending the castle and so they go bored and were all drinking in the tavern. Then they see a note on the wall that says "Wanted" or "LOOKING FOR HELP!!!" and so these heroes go off on their own quests for glory, fame, and treasure!

I like how squad showdown sometimes only has blue and green heroes to do battle with.


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The game was a lot harder back then but certainly more fun. Those were the days of max 5 dungeons ( now 20) and no sweeping. It was real hard work but same for everyone.