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[Off-Topic] Hello new generation of clashers

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Hello lads, I have been absent from this forum and this game for about 3 years now but I still get the night sweats when I think of an incident that occurred before I quit all those years ago. My account.. My lovely account, with all of my credits was wrongfully banned from this forum ;0;. I understand that I was a lot to deal with, but you must understand.. I was a high school kid who was helplessly addicted to this game for whatever strange reason, and I spent an unhealthy amount of my money on gems, only to quit the game and never see them again.. So yeah, I know that I behaved a little irrationally sometimes and I know that I "trolled" quite a lot. But I've grown since then. I've changed since then. I'm a whole new woman now and I just want to be able to sleep at night knowing that my forum account lives on, and that I still have some kind of memento from my castle clash past. Thanks to all who read. 

Sincerely, xLua

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Seems you have not grown much.:(


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I vaguely remember...I'm an older member too. They called me the catfish lol. Miss the good old times

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It's good to see someone who can admit mistakes, and eventually we'll see if it's really what you mean, or like FL said you are making good face to bad game.
I just can hope you really meant what you wrote :). Good luck anyway.

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Sorry bud but you're probably not gonna get too many replies, a downside of the new, more organized forum. While this place did used to be filled with trolls, it was more lively and filled with people ready to have discussions. Can't really same the same anymore. Glad to see other old members here. Never really got to Vet status in the 3 years on this board cuz I usually just read posts and dont really bother to post lol. Also i doubt most people at this point in time will remember Darren, maybe the Brix incident but Darren's long gone. #ripbestf2pwhotapjoyedspiritmageandmino

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Hey xlua i remember you :)
Darren is still playing he's not here i think, but you can reach him on line chat. Blast raf and kmy had stopped long ago, although they sometimes log into their account from time to time. Good to have you back bud.

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we had few arguments years back

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Leafs dungeon guides were the best until mods blocked them.

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Leafs incarnated into artica skin as a tribute to his