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[Off-Topic] Insignia major design flaw

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Posted on 6/14/18 9:14:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

When insignia came out earlier today, it seemed like a great feature.   Convert your crests more manageable form, make tons of space in the warehouse, keep your insignia in a bag with apparent limitless size, and get a small boost to bonus (insignia bonus slightly higher than crest of same level).   What is not to love?  Win all around.   Leave bad crests for combining, insignify all good ones.

But there is a problem...  you should not convert anything besides level 5 crest sets.  Doing any lower level causes issues.   

Here is why.   Take a look at my FG collection.

L5 crests are unbalanced.   I have two I, one II, one III and no IV.   Still working on IV slot.    So, if I want to complete the L5 crest set to convert to insignia, any conversions to insignia of lower level set (L1 to L4) just takes away those lower IV crests that I need for my L5 IV.

Ah, Rusty, you say.  That might be true, but only reason you are in this position is because you created those L5 crests before insignia came out.   If you knew about it, you would not make any L5s till you have enough to make a complete set of L5s.   So, as time goes on, you will eventually use up all your L5s and then not make anymore except for when you are ready to make full L5 set.   

It is a transition problem and it will eventually go away.  In short time, you will have nothing but L1s in crest form

And that would be true.  I would not level up crests to high level till I have enough base crests and enough crystals.

Except that I am not the only source of my high level crests.  Bazaar sells complete sets, but Castle Crisis gives me unbalanced L3s.  And there are boxes that occasionally come up in events where it gives me a single L5 crest, not a set.  So, at any point, game as it exists now could blow away my attempts not to have high level crests in crest form.

Hope that made sense to you people.   I think I am right, but I welcome any reasonable counterpoints or explanations of where I made a wrong argument.


I am not the only one who noticed this.   Here is another thread making same observation

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I would only convert crest5

Posted on 6/14/18 10:29:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is a very good reason why one should not jump to act until they have completed evaulated all the possible outcomes of their actions:angel:


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Posted on 6/15/18 1:15:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I was thinking same thing, when i have converted sets i am using on heroes (mostly revive and slowdown, since i have a lot's of them, and Revite, since i prefer few revite 4 sets than one revite 5 (for now). But for other crests i wasn't so eager to do it, since i wouldn't be able to complete full set later on just like you said, and i would have problem with getting missing crests. But you know, it all depend if you have many lvl 5 crests, on not much. But i think that lvl 4 and 5 for most of ppl is lvl, where you can convert crests to Insignia, and not regret too much.

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Posted on 6/15/18 1:55:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not likely an issue, at least not on my eyes. 

If you are carefully observant, and keep track of your stuff, you would only convert whole sets, even from level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I took special care on sets I was working on Leveling up for the next level and didn't convert those. For example, I'm working on another revite 5 crest set. I already have 3 whole level 4 sets, so i converted those. Then I have another set waiting for the next revite(1) level 4 crest, to be made.

So I have 3 more level 3 crest sets of revite set, which i Didn't convert, because I would lose the chance of making the 4th level 4(1) revite crest which i need for the whole lv 4 revite set, to forge the level 5 set. I hope that made sense.

So, in my eyes, if you were working on something, you would be careful, and convert only sets if you weren't aiming for the top tier set. And in case you converted the lower tier, I think is ok, since you can combine 4 insignias of the same level to forge an insignia of a superior level, by the same cost of red crystals as before. 

I understand your reasoning, but at least for me, it wouldn't be a problem to a have a few loose crests here and there. Good chance to sell those

Posted on 6/15/18 3:56:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The sad thing is that if u dont upgrade crest sets to sigs, changing one complete crest set is 11 clicks in comparison to 7 before the update. The sigs take just 4 clicks and have veeeery slightly better stats but u can prevent yourself from upgrading individual slots in future.

Just allow us to break the sigs back to crests and problem solved. Now the question is whether IGG wants to solve the problem or just leave the players to their planning abilities. Im sure many ppl already converted many sets only to realize it wasnt the best idea...

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Posted on 6/15/18 8:46:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see your point. Basically, if you don't want orphan crests in your warehouse you need to wait for full sets. But this doesn't mean that you absolutely have to wait til level 5. I think that that would be a mistake. 

Expressed mathematically, the rule for converting crests to insignia is very simple (please forgive my little hyperbole):

Pauluscurba's Law of Insignia

Insignia level = Highest single crest level

Easy. It means that you convert to insignia only from your highest level single crest of a specific kind.

So in your FG example, you have to wait until you get your second lvl 5 crest in every category except crest 1 before you should convert to insignia. BUT for my scorch crests, as a counter example, I never kept anything higher than level 1. So now I can convert every single level 1 full set to insignia, resulting in saving at least 1 space in my warehouse - depending on what I want to do with the leftovers. And those leftovers can be held, sold, forged, whatever.

addendum: Insignia level = Highest single crest level (depending on crest)
Depending on crest: high value crests like revite, for example, keep all lvl 1, 2, 3 crests. Insignia after 3. low value crests (i.e. scorch, blade shell etc): keep only lvl 1, insignia everything else. If the game deals you lvl 2,3 or 4, sell or forge.

It is true that de-conversion from insignia back to crests would make the system more manageable, but if you go by Pauluscurba's Law of Insignia you won't have any problems.


Posted on 6/15/18 9:27:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

hahahaha lol its not insignia  that is bad but converting 1 spot to lvl 5 feature is perfectly fine(except for inlay u have to press over and over again) is your logic...u will convert 1 spot to lvl 5..and so lose 4 lvl 4 slots...if u decided to do that then that means u have no need for lvl 4 set...then why would u want to make insignia lvl 4 if u have no need for it

Posted on 6/15/18 10:49:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

And so I have not jumped on the Insignia bandwagon yet. Will wait it out until I feel it is worth it and have my own strategy in place (based on the comments)

All thanks to those who's gone ahead of the rest. You are pioneers and have my gratitude...

Posted on 6/15/18 10:52:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why would you want to convert lower level FGs to Insignias though? I kinda get your points but on the other hand I don't. I think that people are trying to overuse the new system. The only benefits are that you can have sets that you usually use as crest sets to be used with 1 item and if you have too much time you can save some warehouse space. Then again, I don't think anybody is going to convert all of their 150 lvl1 crests to insignias because the UI for converting in multiples is terrible. If you want to be safe don't use the feature. What annoys me here alot is that they made pretty unnecessary system when they could have fixed the annoying little "bugs" in the old one such as that the crests are removed from the combine line when you combine or forge one set and the bottom scroll bar bounces to start. I also think that the Insignia system is a bit misleading and made the UI more complex, there are already posts about people asking why they can't use crests and Insignias at the same time.

But the reason why they made this system is pretty obvious since today there is a 100$ pack in the bazaar that gives your insignia upgrade from 5->6. TBH it's a smart business move, I think people will buy alot of those packs.