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[Off-Topic] Beast

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Complete destruction

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Positive energy ignore the keyboard.....

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Technically its not complete destruction, could have level 8 wargod, level 6 bulwark insignia, 12/12 skill lmao.
Just playing :)
Still a great hero for demolishing bases in Guild Wars if you play head to head

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Wargod is a bad talent on Rockno.   He really should have SS.

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Rockno overall is still great hero. I remember last hero which shocked me when i saw how quickly he can tear down buildings was Grimfiend. But Rockno is whole different lvl. Stronger, faster, area around him damage, not in front.  Buffed by PD, and other heroes he is hard to stop.
Just like Fe203 said for survivability SS is much better. Eventually FG8 is also good, since opponents will damage themselves hitting him. But for destruction i would pick BW instead WG. Extra HP is important for him.

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