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[Off-Topic] Luck issue sure quit !!!! game shouldn't be like this cancer

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Posted on 8/9/18 10:36:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Don't be too upset, there are players that dropped $5k+ into this game in the beginning, just to be eclipsed by new players that are bazaar shoppers, for a fraction of the cost.  Some old players don't feel like spending anymore, getting left in the dust, and a lot of the new up and comers will be eclipsed by more new players with better deals in the bazaar a year from now, or whatever.  But then again, destiny will eventually hit level 100 and insignia will hit level 8, new artifact system will more than likely require gems to really hit the highs, so on and so forth. This game is nuts, only thing big spenders get is some sort of bragging rights for staying in top, rewards for PVP modes is fame, small amounts, can buy ridiculous amounts of that from the bazaar. IGG gave out like 250k during one of their 5 year $99 dollar packs with the gift event addition. Not hating on the big spenders, just making an observation.

Long story short, consider yourself lucky to have been f2p. First and last freemium I'll ever get sucked up into.