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[Off-Topic] The State of Castle Clash and the Community

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Posted on 10/7/18 7:33:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I generally try to avoid this kind of thing. I don't like it and I don't like doing it.

As I've said before on the subject, it usually comes across as pointless whining.

But more and more lately I'm getting anxious and even a little nervous about the state of this game, which has left me feeling the need to get this off my chest.

To start off, this is my go to game. I've been playing it almost since it came out. This was one of the first games I ever played on my first tablet and I'm still playing it today, on multiple accounts and OSes, on a daily basis. In fact, I even played the *shudder* Facebook version for a (very) short while.

Next I want to point out that I am a light/casual P2P player on both the Android and Kindle/Amazon versions of the game, at least relatively speaking. I've spent enough to get two SMs on Android, but not enough to get a Mino (yet). I've not spent enough on Kindle to get an SM (yet... -ish), but have still put in a not insignificant amount there, as well.

So this is not F2P whining, as I'm sure some will try to label it. I'd like to think it's not whining at all, simply observations and a statement of concern, but take it as you will.

Now that I've "established my credentials", so to speak, my thoughts...

First is that I've noticed a significant downturn in activity since the advent of the Wardens/Factions system and removal of Artifacts. This is, at least in my opinion, undeniable.

Since this was added there have been numerous people who have quit or drastically reduced their playing of the game. Some have blamed it on this, some have just said it's not fun or too expensive to keep playing.

This is most noticeable in terms of the number of YouTubers who have vanished, openly stated they were quitting the game, and/or have drastically reduced their output of videos (which is both a draw to the community as well as a health indicator of the community, IMO). I could list them, but most know the names and I don't see the point.

I'm not saying get rid of Wardens or bring back Artifacts or anything like that. I've made comments and suggestions about the system before, so that's not the point of this. This is simply an observation of a potential correlation of events.

Second, P2W, while it has always been at least a part of the game (the rolling system makes such a thing inevitable), has quickly become the de facto method of play if you want to be even remotely competitive. I don't mean being in the top ten or hundred or thousand. I mean even being on the board. That is not a good thing.

This is in vast majority a direct result of the Bazaar's implementation and the rapid and ever increasing "deals" tossed out there, as far as I've seen.

The Bazaar itself is a good idea. Being able to outright buy the Heroes we want was a welcome change for many of us. The astronomically increasing deals being tossed out on a near daily basis, however, are a very bad thing, in my opinion.

For a game to have a point, there needs to be some things that can only be earned. As it stands right now, that is exactly nothing, AFAICT. I literally can not think of a single game mode where you can earn something that you can not simply buy outright.

You can literally buy everything you need to be a top player without ever actually playing any part of the game. Need xp? Buy it. Skill food? Buy it. Fame? Buy it. Merits? Buy it. Stones of any kind? Buy it. Crests? Talents? Skins? Buy it.

The skyrocketing deals and offers, while good in moderation, are bad in abundance. Too much of a good thing is a cliché saying for a reason.

Personally, I think most of the deals in the Bazaar should vanish. Special events are one thing, but it is almost literally an every day thing to see a ton of bonuses up there (EG: a dozen talents for less than $20), as if IGG is starving for sales to th point they're willing to throw anything at you to get more.

This results in a very P2W-centric game.

When the casual P2P or F2P see they have no chance, that affects morale. They eventually just give up. And when they give up, most often that means they move on to a game where they will have a chance.

That is not a good thing, though I'm sure some of you would cheer at that. Which leads me to my third point.

Third, the semi-toxic F2P/P2P interactions seen in the community.

Yes, this is a business. P2P are important to that. But that business also depends on the players, and F2P make up a large portion of that. It's a symbiotic relationship, not a parasitical one.

Multiplayer games rely on their player base. Not their P2P or F2P players, but all of them.

The P2P pay the bills. Get rid of them and your game will die due to lack of funds. It's simple math. A game needs cash to keep everything running. F2P people? Deal with it.

The F2P gives the P2P someone to play with. Get rid of them and your game often will languish due to lack of players, which results in less fun and thus less people spending money. That also leads to game death.

Are F2P required like P2P are? Not directly, but indirectly the answer is often a resounding yes. So P2P people? Deal with it.

Think about it this way. Would you care to play the game if only ten or fifteen people were playing against you? When you can't find a Lava team, because there is no one to team with? A few might say yes, but the vast majority would say no.

A thriving player base is good for everyone, plain and simple.

This means you need to try to keep the vast majority of players happy. Not just the P2P or the F2P, as so many seem to think, given their attitudes here. It's not an either/or situation. It can't be, without a major overhaul of how the game works.

This leads me to my final point... I'm concerned.

I'm concerned at the state of the game and the state of the community playing the game.

People are leaving, people are arguing, people are complaining, the game becomes more P2W every single day, and I'm worried the ever increasing deals are IGG trying to cash in before it all collapses.

I love this game. As I said, it is my go to game. But I honestly don't see how things can keep going the way they are and the game continue without collapsing under the weight of these growing problems.

Just my opinion, though. Feel free to ignore it. Maybe I'm just channeling my inner Chicken Little, right now.

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
Posted on 10/7/18 7:48:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, and agree on all points. I kinda wish they would allow me to disable warden on my attack team. The red one whatever it is called activates the opposition's dove and then I die.
With all that, my guild has been losing 2-3 people easily a month due to people quiting. I guess we should just get used to it. Unless some huge changes happen, I don't see people sticking around alot longer.

Posted on 10/7/18 8:09:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Players rage quit with "Every" update, or simply leave the game due to a severe shift in available time or real life obligations.  Along with this is an influx of new blood, this not an unknown event or even isolated to the CC community.  Nor does it negatively impact the game overall, providing the shift is relatively balanced, and well CC has lasted 5yrs throughout this process.

Just like the player base, the same is true with the Youtubers who choose to showcase the product.  Some leave never to be seen again, while some migrate back over time, all the while new one surface.  Other than to point out that your post starts revamping issues presented by JTisallbusiness in his video yesterday, I won't go too in depth in commentary.  Having said that; I have no idea if you saw it or not, but the timing of this post surely does imply that it perhaps got you to thinking.  If so, might I say that commenting on the video itself in support of his position would have given it a bit more credibility, he clearly he stated he would be forwarding to IGG and I have no doubt that they will review the content contained within thoroghly.

In reference to the F2P / P2P / P2W community, again there has always been unnecessary bickering.  What can I say? Some people thrive on controversy, no matter how trivial or unimportant the issue, especially in competitive environments.  However that really does not negatively impact the game or CC community either.  For lack of a better term, "It is what it is". 

I understand your concern and appreciate the manner in which you chose to express yourself, but I think in the future, (especially if rendering suggestions) you consider the following:

*Create a post for each specific item so that your post does not turn into a wall of text, which will inspire many to simply post things like tdl.dr.  This would be unfortunate as you did touch upon some interesting subjects.

*Post your thread in the suggestions section as it is reserved for IGG Devs / OPs teams reviewal and will not be overlooked.


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Posted on 10/7/18 8:43:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am F2P and in the top 50,000 teams. I won't ever P2W as I don't see the point. For every person that has a point of view such as this, I bet they get 100 new players. So quit, they won't notice.

I have only played since CC since Clash of Gangs closed (early 2016) and yet, I am in the top 50,000! I think that's pretty good for a F2P that plays the minimum each day to get all the free stuff.

Now that there are no ads in the game, they definitely need the bazaar to make money. It is obviously working based on these kinds of threads. New people join, pay to play and play to win. IGG makes money, they get bored and leave. The key is that IGG needs to make money for this game to exist. As a F2P, I liked having ads so that I could support the game with money through my time rather than dollars.

TL: DR - what's your point?

2Crazy4U, 2Crazy, 2C, Bob ... it is all the same. I am F2P and proud of it.
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Great post. Woundnt have said anything different.

Posted on 10/8/18 12:15:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Look, I play quite a few games on various consoles and platforms.
This is the longest running game I have ever played.

People like JT, who are very influential and respected (by myself also) are at the point in time where there is nothing new for them to do.
When an update comes out they make their rolling videos to get the Hero, then level him up and adjust the Talents etc on another video then sit and wait for a month because there is nothing else for them to do.
They have stockpiles of resources at their disposal and to be quite frank, theyre bored.

While people are indeed dropping like flies, they are also veterans or massive spenders who are in the same situation as the big names.
I guarantee this game will go on for a long time yet because when one Veteran retires, 10 try to take their place.
JT has a lot of great arguments and someone with his stature WILL have the influence to make change but unfortunately a video is not the right channel.
If i had more sway I would ask to get him involved with the developers and work with them to make changes.
Someone with JTs knowledge of the game would be a great asset for IGG.

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Posted on 10/8/18 12:30:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It used to be when one spender retired another took his place. But the high end of the game is now dying.  (Guilds can barely stay full)

When someone stops spending no one takes his place.

Don't believe me? Wait for the next earning report from igg. Revenue should be down massively for cc.

(If it was so "good" there wouldn't be such crazy bazaar deals)

Either they fix the game (increase incentive for people to play.) or this game will end like Lord clash of lords.

In the current state a 19.99 pack is worth 1 year of f2p working for resources.

Posted on 10/8/18 12:49:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

people are leaving cause the game's on its edge of dying. some spent so much money there's nothing to do in game for them. they will leave obviously. some others dont like the nurfing the heroes idea and brain dead developers and management who never listens to community lol. ignorance is bliss my friend

Posted on 10/8/18 5:51:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Game was getting boring before all these changes came about, the bigger bazaar deals and wardens, been playing since early 2014. Like others said, one veteran quits they get replaced by a bunch of new ones, some of those will spend money. And IGG doesn't care about long time players they haven't tweaked the payouts in PVP modes and made Wardens got rid of artifacts, didn't ask anyone what they thought about that change. But wardens make money artifacts not so much, so yea why ask.

All said, it's just a video game and I think most the players that are upset and quitting are the ones that were dominating now they're getting caught by players who can spend waaaaay less than what they have. That wasn't an option until recently, coincidentally players are quitting. I got to the point where the only thing I really had left to work on were might boosting unused heroes. And might doesn't mean anything you don't even get more fame from doing better in GW for being 500k.

Current state of the game is fine, it's funny to watch everyone complain about a video game lol. Being a long time console player, switching games was normal and I didn't lose sleep over it. Find something else to play or do with your time, just saying.

Posted on 10/8/18 6:24:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for taking the time to be thorough and reasonable.

These points and fears are 100% valid and shared by many people. You can't just stay in denial with this attitude "Well you have a right to your opinion". That's the exact attitude that has led to this state of affairs, since IGG absolutely don't take on board, or I believe, even respect the players of their game.