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[Off-Topic] Play to win

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I hate how everything is play to win I been playing for awhile and I aunt getting nothing good I go against other player's and there level 60's can take out my level 100's it's really messed up and it's not fair for the rest of the community

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Yes, you have to play to win.  Games are kinda like that.

Hard, ain't it?


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Wow - this is a first - a player complaining that they have to play the game.  OP - you do realize that if you’re frustrated because you have to play to progress in the game, you can just stop playing...

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Do you mean Play to win or Pay to win ?
In first case we can do nothing about it, as other stated, you need to play to progress further, get better heroes, skills, more might, and develop heroes, base etc. There are games, where you can start your game with maxed character. But not here. Here you are beginning from scraps, and slowly climbing higher. Money can improve ratio of that dramatically, but they are not needed to play every game mode.  But without them you will have to do it on your own.
As for P2W, well most of internet games go in this direction sooner or later. Most of games allow you to build your empire slowly, without cash, or quickly with cash. Time or money, you can choose what you want to use. But there are some games, where you can't even progress further if you will not begin to spend cash. I played few were at some point i couldn't build anything more, research more advanced units or new upgrades cause it all required resource which was available only when you spend cash to buy it. There may be some right about it, but still not something for me. Good we don't have it here, cause i can't imagine after so many years, to hit wall, which i can cross only, when i will buy gems.

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Don't you mean pay to win.

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With bazaar offers you don't really have to play much to win.  If you time it right you can buy the resources to do all the game mode's and beat them in a month or so if you don't care to PVE.  However I'm not really sure why anyone wants to spend a couple hundred bucks to just beat the local game modes in a month and delete the game??

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Obviously a typo......
I dont spend anything anymore and still win quite a bit. Its the choices you make with the gear you have available.
Right talents/crests on right heroes etc etc.

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Posted on 10/13/18 5:01:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's certainly not pay to win - you can win without paying. It is however very pay to play.  The Oct 13 update especially. Pets only obtainable from purchase. New talents with crests only obtainable from purchase. New skins only obtainable from purchase. New hero that if you want to bring to high level for using against other players you need either many many resources laying around plus lucky roll ... Or you pay to play.  The gripe is with access, not with ability

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Not sure how long you've been playing but this game is 5 years old and has in app purchasing. Not sure why you'd expect anything less. For the best possible chance to stay competitive try finding a different game that has just been released. Castle Clash was better in the beginning, for moderate p2p and f2p alike. Bazaar deals are good now get a lot of stuff but newer players still have to spend a decent chunk to catch up a bit.