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[Off-Topic] Question about values of every hero.

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Posted on 4/16/19 2:07:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just wondering, how many weeks/months/years for a hero to become very cheap. I never thought there will be a day where IGG will sell Dove just for mere 5 dollar. Heck, even Skeletica is also seen in 20 dollar pack and Lavanica in 50 dollar one. Lets just say, Cosmo right now. How many months will it take for him to be in 5 dollar pack.

Just a question.

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Posted on 4/16/19 2:46:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No one but IGG's marketing team knows the answer to that.


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Posted on 4/16/19 4:40:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Like FL said it is hard to predict. It may be few months like 3 or 4, but on other hand it can be half of year. There can be situation like hero can be cheap for few days, and after that it will return to usual price. 
It is really really hard to predict.

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Posted on 4/16/19 9:41:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are quite a few factors marketing will include in their strategy to get the most out of new and old heroes.

I would think that it depends on the popularity of a new hero. Beleive me that marketing keeps a close eye on the forums, fb and others. The more positive the feedback for a hero the longer it will remain at top dollar. Obviously they also balance it against actual sales and will gradually bring down the price for most heroes but while a specific hero is popular and sought-after they will milk it for as long as they see sales and hit targets.

Another factor is the number of p2p users. Once you get to a high saturation percentage where your p2p users have at least one of the new hero, a lot of those players will probably not pay premium price for a double. So then lower the price and target the middle spenders and the top spenders willing to pay a lower price for more of the same hero. After that lower the price to get the low spenders, middles and highs willing to pay for extras of the same hero at the lowest price. Couple that with other items in the offers to make it look more attractive and you probably still will get a decent amount of sales of that hero.

I know that the above will not be the whole picture but that's kinda how I would do it. Personally, I have now deleted my credit card account from my phone. Although I'm not a BIG spender and maybe a middle to lower, I've realized that for me to select and pay by finger print has become all to easy and I definitely have to put a brake on it.

Posted on 4/16/19 11:49:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

$5 is quite unusual for a good and relevant hero, but the price will plummet quickly enough. Lazulix is 3 months old and still a top drawer hero, and is already $20. Rosaleen will be $20 in a month and lazilux will be $10. So Cosmo is likely to be $10 in 3-4 months tops.

Ps. Skelly is normally $10 now not $20, and Lavanica is $40 (But you can get him for $20 If you know how and are willing to spend all day on the game).

Posted on 4/16/19 12:49:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you're an adamant player who likes the game you can get ANY hero for free. Only one I have absolutely never seen in any f2p event of any kind is destroyer. This may take time and patience, though, so you're not an eligible candidate.

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Posted on 4/16/19 2:35:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is just speculation of course, as I don't have any inside knowledge. But my guess would be that they drop the price of heroes, and high level items too, based off how well the packs containing them sell. If they put a Cosmo or even 100 Cosmo soulstones in a $100 and people are buying it, then they know the heroes value is still high. But soon as their $100 packs don't sell, they know the market has shifted. Then another factor is when there is a newer hero, as they tend to like having a hero, usually the newest one, as the most expensive to buy.  

Also skelly was in a 4.99 pack as well not that long ago.