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[Off-Topic] How I pulled off insane Dungeon 6-10 (pics soon)

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Posted on 11/6/19 11:19:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I recently just finished Insane Dungeon 6-10 and I have no idea how I was able to pull it off, I used six different heroes but I know every dungeon is different so I had to change around heroes. 

I used Lava, Lazu, Rosa, Ronin, Anubis, and Walla. I placed my Lava at top and waited for her to kill all the heroes in that general area then placed Lazu behind her(wait about 15 seconds before dropping), placed my Anubis bottom with a frenzy spell to kill all the heroes with Rosa a little half way above him. I placed my Ronin top left Corner and then my Walla at very top to destroy the magic towers to prevent stunning of Rosa when she came around that area, but he dies rather quickly and used him for the quick heal for my Lazu(highly suggest revive and SL so Lazu can stun the demons so Lava can have more consistent procs and have her dmg cap) I had my Lava pull all the demons towards top right so my Rosa and Ronin wouldn't focus them so they go around and destroy buildings so they didn't waste their time. My lava after 2 minutes choked and so I dropped my angel spell so she could hold them off another 15-20 seconds then she died and my Ronin and Rosa where near their bases so I dropped a freeze spell so that when they destroyed those buildings that they wouldn't turn their attention to the demons and not the buildings at top. It worked and 9/10 scorch Ronin finished the buildings off and I was happy. It took me around 50 tries before perfecting my strategy even though this involves the suicide of most your heroes it works. Stun is a problem and Dove is useless in insane dungeon to me even with Iron Will, it only last so long then boom stunned to death quite literally, I used my un-evo tree lvl 160 with a 5/10 revite and low revive crest and came close with only four buildings but scattered, mainly the towers that are standing alone some of you may know what Im talking about. Don't forget Ares Fervor after all heroes are placed, this helps with buildings as they have stupid health. Cosmo is also useless for me bc he dies almost instantly without using my gaurdian spell and its not smart to use it so early, I only use it to keep Lazu and Lava alive while stunning and tanking the demons at the top right, you must get them away from their bases or you will have a hard time destroying buildings you need to get to. Michael isn't all that useful because of all the stun, his archangel helps little, and I didn't even consider PD to try that dungeon I already knew he would be obliterated without an instant proc or GA spell. Hope this helps any of you who are struggling out there, it took me one day to try and complete it buttt many, many, many tries. Thats how it goes around here for those last Dungeons, take care clashers! Let me know the ways you completed it and the different heroes and drop areas!

Posted on 11/7/19 4:03:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are many different ways to beat those Insane Dungeons.  For example i saw Lazulix clearing it alone. Also i saw Commodora doing same thing alone. But problem is that those heroes must be really maxed with proper traits and talents to be able to do it. 
It is much easier to use many heroes, and indeed best way is to kill all enemy heroes in first place, cause when you do that it will be much easier. 
If you want to help ppl maybe try to make Video and post it here, it will be much better than posting pics, although if you can't make video than post pics instead.
Oh, and thanks for post.

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