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[Off-Topic] What to do with old op-hero

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Posted on 6/29/20 12:45:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Got a bit bored recently and decide to rebuild some of the old top-tier hero.  I'm f2p and been playing for a while, my highest bt heroes are the 2 healers (walla and OCC) at bt20.  Hero that I often use are at bt10.
The ss are for comparison: the opponent has 6 hero at bt25 (fox, BM, comm, sval, lava, molt).
The 2nd ss show my attack using 4 heroes DK, lava, zeph and VS (all bt10, no warden)-all die after 40 sec (it's 4 bt10 vs 6 bt25+warden).
The 3rd ss show my attack using 2 heroes Ripper (bt10) and SK(bt1), no warden. These 2 alone was able to kill all 6 bt25 heroes within 20 sec. The 4th ss to show it wasn't a fluke.
Last ss show what ripper can do by himself (manage to kill 2 heroes), the bt1 SK did most of the killing without even getting close to the opponent (I'm using him as a sniper now).

Posted on 6/29/20 1:50:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

SK as sniper.... i would never thought about that... Can i ask what talents/insignia and ench you have to him ??

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