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[Media] Castle Clash Youtube Network Applications Process Questions for Moderators

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Posted on 12/12/15 4:52:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Mods,

I just got done with an extensive conversation with IGG tech support, trying to get some answers as to what is happening with the Castle Clash Youtube Network. They told me to post in the forum and wait for the moderators to respond. I originally spoke with them a few weeks back and expressed my concerns, stating to them that it was unfair to many upcoming CC youtubers to be unable to even apply to be considered for the network.

Since then I have heard from my fellow youtubers, such as TerryZ24 and SneakyDave, in an exclusive chat group, that they have received notice that the network is now considering adding more channels to the network! I want to know how my channel, with nearly 2k subs currently, and other rising CC youtubers channels can be considered for this opportunity? We just want a fair chance to be part of the network and currently there is no information available to help guide us through the process! Please help us new guys and give us a chance to be part of the network, and let me know what I need to do at this point to be considered?

My channel link-

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The problem is your voice sucks

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I cannot stress enough HOW BAD YOUR VOICE IS! HOLY! WOW!

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Also you sound like a little Edited by knightraven in live support

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I get it, your a secret admirer! Just stop it, it's ugly on you! Please, don't be "that guy"!

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Any Moderators on now? Please read and respond to this message as soon as possible.


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hmmm on my view.. CC is not youtube. Yes you can make guides if u wanted to but still.. CC is not youtube.

moving your thread to Media (for what reason, you have promoted your youtube channel)

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hi dunno, why people hate you but can i ask, are your LoL fan if yes are you for team Cruse cuz you are using they're symbol?

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Its easy to have SUBSCRIBERS   

just create a lot of GMAIL ADDRESS and Hit Sub for your Channel...

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Still waiting for a response from the moderators! Thanks guys