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[Media] Where is ChessMe???

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Posted on 7/16/17 7:58:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yo what is up Castle Clash! I know I have not been posting very frequently, but there are a couple reasons for that. The first reason being that I am working 60 hours a week, leaving me with very little time to get some progress in Castle Clash. The second reason is what you guys are all seeing on the screen right now…. Lost Realm. I’m currently making a video to show case all the loot I get from wasting all the stamina cards I got from opening 999 lava 3 chests. And it is taking longer than expected, especially when I am working so much. The third reason, which kind of ties in with reason #1, is that I am slowly transitioning into making real life videos of the adventures I go on. The purpose of this is to # 1.) relieve some stress from working so much #2 to give you all a break from constantly watching Castle Clash videos. It’ll be a somewhat of a fun break from the game when you guys want to avoid Castle Clash. I will eventually make a separate channel to dump my real life videos in, that way my current gaming channel won’t get clogged up with unrelated videos.  Although it may sound contradicting that my two jobs leave me no time to go out and capture footage for you all, I can reassure you that I am sacrificing sleep in order to go out and capture some footage on my GoPro and phone, as well as progress a little in Lost Realm. The following clips you guys will see are just a few of the adventures I was able to capture. Thanks for being patient with me and I hope you all enjoy….PEACE!

Video: Where is ChessMe???

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All of us missed you terribly.

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Hello. Chessme. Good to see you Here Bro. Do Keep Posting On the Fourm Also :)

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I don't know you.

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