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[Media] Trying Suggested setups in LBF

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Posted on 8/14/17 12:33:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only
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1st fight: your tt team is unused being the third team with your first 2 won their fight.
2nd fight: your tt did nothing, she got drained by corrode then silenced.
3rd fight: your tt got her energy drained again.
4th fight: you lose both 2 rounds and your tt team as the third is unused.
5th fight: your tt got her energy drained, again. seriously???

1. you might want to consider your hero positioning. you somehow were able to silence your enemy with calamity, but corrode always gets to your tt and with that vite 3 she got her energy drained to almost zero. she didn't proc even once in those fight, which i think pk can be a better sub for her, judging from the clip.
2. that song is annoying as #######.

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