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[Media] Espirita the best hero of 2k18? Hero is going to be insane with 8/8empowered.

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Espirita is the first of 2018. I cant imagine the following heros. So I guess the wish of everybody of getting skeletica will dissapear in a year . This new heros are amaizing!

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Going to wait and see how good this new hero is.

I'm sure lots of people will start crying about how OP'ed she is and how she breaks the game etc.   But she looks like a solid hero that's likely to be good for GW defense rather than a direct replacement for anyone.

But she doesn't amplify damage like BT so she doesn't fully replace him for ArchDemon.   She doesn't weaken enemy targets like Anubis.  She doesn't buff your team either.  And she doesn't stay elusive for more than a second nor revives 3 times.  

Too early to really tell but unless you're a top defender, I'm unsure if she'll make as much of an impact as GS/Anubis.

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Espirita seems a legit hero. Who knows, maybe the next heroes will be better. 

(waiting for a Hero that is Immune to freeze)

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