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[Media] New Hero Espirita V.S. Sasquatch!

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Linkified: New Hero Espirita vs Sasquatch!

Not a bad way to structure a video and a comparison of power of two heroes.    Thanks.

Looking forward to one of our "I have way too much money"  youtuberts to post a video of her with max skill, talent and level.   Probably yet another hero for Stoneskin, since she seems to be doing most of her damage via spirit, so keeping her alive is going to be main goal.

Sigh....  first impression is that she is going to be on most player's lust list.    Harumph.... can't IGG release a fail hero once in while??!   :)

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Hahahaha funny. Imagine both of them in the same team. They are going to kill our heros in a second!

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