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[Media] Castle Clash Video Thread and Multi-Million Gold and Mana Event!!!

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I will be doing some type of gold and mana give away at least once a month. Here is the last one I did, and the winner's raid on my base.

Click here to see the last winners raid:

Shredasaurus Takes the prize with a brilliant correction on his second attempt

Multi-Million Gold and Mana Event *hosted by me SandSeven not an official event

Here's a video with the rules and and example:

Have you been waiting to upgrade a new town hall or some other ridiculously expensive upgrade? And like I was a couple weeks ago, you're might is too high to even raid for an upgrade. Hell you'd just be happy to make your gold back you spent on the magic and have enough mana to replace the troops you lost for squeaking out a 51% victory.

Well I'm going to be giving away 3 million in gold and 2 million in Mana. The details on how are still being ironed out. I would like to make a competition of sorts, but one where you get paided no matter what. I'll update the this post in about an hour with the finalized details on all the details but for now, here is an outline.

It will involve heroes only and none of my defenses will be used other than a type of a barrier to ensure the battle goes as it should. There will be 2 level caps. Unlimited and level 40 and below. You can sign up for both, and play in both, but you cannot win the grand prize in both level classes, so there will be 2 winners. The winners will be determined by how fast they defeat my heroes and take all the gold and mana. The top time in each level class will be the winner.

I'll post in more detail in one hour. You'll get my line-up for both level classes and any other details I've missed or needed to change. Remember this is a rough draft of sorts, so things can change. If you got any suggestions let me know.

What is the grand prize?
There are two grande prizes. One for each level cap. The unlimited level cap will be rewarded with 1,000,000 in mana. The Level 40 cap will be rewarded with 1.6 million in gold. Withdrawals from my vaults will have to be made within 2 weeks, so that should be plenty of time to upgrade a hero and not lose honor badges for repeated raids.

When is the event?
Today at 7:00pm Eastern Standard US Time10/01/13 and it last until the gold is gone.

How to you participate?
Official registration will start at 4pm, and it's a first come first serve participation order. When registration opens up, I will be here and get your information. Registration will close at 6:30pm.

How much gold and mana do I get for participating?
The 5% of resources available for a leaderboard raid will be 80k+ in gold and 40k+ in mana.

Can I participate in both level classes?
Yes you may go up against both the no cap and the 40 capped heroes, and time allowing, multiple attempts are okay. This will depend on how many people want free resources.

I've just spent an hour going back and seeing on the threads for the videos I've posted. From now on, I will post all my videos here in this thread to help clean up the forums a bit. As much as the mods do, I figure I should do my part as well and not have 10 threads about one video each that I don't keep up with because there are 10 of them. Hence my video thread.  

Thanks again to forum regulars, mods, and devs for making CC so much fun. Also, LordAssassin and all the other Mods please feel free to participate in the giveaway.  

Latest Video

Here's my latest video, and be warned the language is bad, but it is a funny clip. I think we all understand how frustrating this game can be, and sometimes you just gotta rage.

Castle Clash Raging

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Sounds fun, lol. I may do it, but we'll have to see. I have a lot of clinical prep work for tomorrow and 2 tests Thursday.

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I only need 1 minute to steal all ur gold

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gib me the loot

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Here's the no-cap Line-up you will battle for the top prize of 1 million mana. It will be 4 of the 6 heroes listed on the battlefield.

Level 81
4/9 Energetic
Talent 5/5 Revitalize

Spirit Mage
Level 81
4/9 Magic Missile
Talent 3/5 Beserk

Level 77
3/9 Divine Shield
Talent 5/5 Beserk

Level 80
3/9 Slash
Talent 4/5 Self-Destruct (be careful)

Level 71
3/9 Storm Hammer
Talent 4/5 Beserk

Level 71
3/9 Death's Lash
Talent 1/5 Berserk


Here is the line up for the 1.5 million in gold top prize for the Level 40 and under. All my guys are Lv 40.

2/9 Energetic
Talent 4/5 Self Destruct

2/9 Slash
Talent 3/5 Tenacity

2/9 Lava Burst
Talent 2/5 Scatter

3/9 Rage
Talent 1/5 Revitalize

2/9 Shockwave
Talent 2/5 Slow Down

And if I get a chance to power level her, Angel 1/9 Heal and 3/5 War God.

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would like to participate

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You are up first then. I'm online now and send me a PM. Are you doing the no cap or Lv40 cap or both?

It starts in 10 minutes. Good luck.

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I'll try the no cap out. That_Ginger