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[Media] D4;S2 (The pathing pictures to 15 shards a run)

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Posted on 10/11/13 5:09:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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My strategy is a lot like Phinal's, but with a lot less griffon losses ;)

Drop SM/Druid/Paladin/TG behind the griffons in the SE corner. Once they kill griffons and the barracks, the assassin will come after you. Immediately drop your ninja to target the assassin and then use restoration on troops while they break through the wall if needed. Ideally, your tank (paladin) will take the path above the base in the middle. As soon as he has both of the archer towers targeting him, drop all your griffons (I use 62) right below the bottom archer tower and you are done.

While everything targets the paladin/TG, the griffons are usually free to destroy everything without losing many, maybe 3 to 6 griffons die - most runs I lose 0 griffons. Ninja usually dies halfway through the battle, but none of my other heroes usually die. Sometimes heroes take the wrong path and everything goes awry, but that is rare.

I've done this run at least 800 times (made around 3500 shards from it)

Hope that helps!

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Also, my heroes are all in their 90s except my TG who is only 60

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Here is a video of how to 50% if anyone's interested.  I started farming when my druid and SM were around level 80.  Others were around level 60.  So this can be done with medium level heros.

Posted on 10/16/13 4:01:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Attack from the south east camp
Sometime i have to use heal and angel spell

Posted on 10/24/13 5:00:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I start at the far right hand side, in the middle and firstly drop druid in right in-front of the griffins. Strait after dropping druid I drop the remaining 4 hero's. By that time all the griffins are dead/ druid proc's and sends army fully healed into assassin. They will then kill everything else easily until you get to executioner. He can take you out real easy. Have your hand ready to use revive and angel at this point. Sometimes maze proc will take him out/ sometimes not!

I use 7 hero's on turnaround and can get 5 wins 100% no problem.....

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Posted on 10/28/13 7:45:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I did the run but started far east (like the one who showed the video for 50%).

I launched druid
once he broke through 1st tier of wall I launched rest of heroes and griffens.  I didn't want him to get through the 2nd wall by himself.  My druid does have berzerk on so that can help some for a little faster healing.
I did use GA but lost a few less griffs than Phinal did.

heroes I used:
Druid 99
Paladin 84
SM 82
TG 78
Pumpkin 72

no hero losses.. 2 guardian and 8 griffs lost.. and also unlike Phinal... I did get shards... hahahahahahaha