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[Media] Awesome Video ! For low might players !

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Hi guys i'm here to show you my base (The Corner's Diamond) revisited . Why this video is awesome ? This video it's not awesome for all , there are people that can do H easily , but noone care about low might players like me . I have a Town Hall level 10 as you can see in the video and with 100 walls this is the best base setup that i can do , i suggest this setup to all the low might players also the high might players can do this but with some modification to improve this setup with other walls.For other information about , see the video below .

CHANNEL : F2P - Official Channel

: HBM C - For Low Might Players

If you enjoy the video and want be informed about update , subscribe ! Thanks for your time.

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Awesome man ! your video are always better !

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Don't post stupid things , thanks.