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[Guild] Guild Index Submission(s)

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Posted on 6/14/15 1:01:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

We have decided to implement a new "Guild Index" which will list all the active guilds in alphabetical order by platform(s), and will be stickied to the top of this section.  This index will be used as an aide to assist members in selecting the guild that they would like to apply to. 

We ask that all active guilds post their information in this thread, in the format shown in the template below.  We also ask that as a courtesy you inform us of the dissolution of any guild listed so that we may remove it from the index.

In the interest of assisting our guilds in their candidate selection process we have also created a template for members to use when seeking out membership into a guild, which we will also be creating a thread for them to post applications.  Please feel free to submit any comments and or suggestion regarding any pertinent information you feel we have overlooked.

Guild Submission

Guild Name: XYZRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might:
Leader/Pres.: ABCBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 07:00 Server Time
Vice #1:TB: Must be active
Vice #2:Mesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might:123KWG: 3 Daily
Might Ranking:  789Donations: None Required
Shard Ranking:  982Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  Special Requirements: Must have PD & TB Hauling
Special Incentives: Might Comps, GPCs, etc.

Guild Name: Recruitment Requirements:
Platform:   Might:
Leader/Pres.:  Boss Level/Time:  
Vice #1:TB:  
Vice #2:Mesa Level/Time:  
Might: WG:  
Might Ranking:  ...Donations: .....................................
Shard Ranking:   Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  Special Requirements:  
Special Incentives: 

Candidate Submission

Forum Name:#1 Clasher                                                             
Time Zone:CST
Special Preferences:Max Tb, Mesa 4, Boss & No donation requirements

Forum Name:            

Time Zone:
Special Preferences:

*Guild Leaders / recruiters check this thread for members seeking to join a guild:
                                                    LOOKING FOR A GUILD


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Posted on 6/14/15 8:24:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission.

Guild Name: Aussie_fighters      Recruitment Requirements

Platform: Android                        Might required:  85000

Leader: Hoia-Thon                       Boss Time/Lvls: 3 @ 4:00 server time n 2100 on tb days

Vice #1: Bobby1111                    Torch Battles: Must be active.

Vice #2: Justin                            Mesa: Mesa 4 daily

Might Rank: 120                          WG: 2-3 daily

Donation Rank: 460                    Donations: Free if you can attend TB

Messenger App: Line chat app   Other requirements: Must be able to stun boss 3
                                                                                        Must have Line chat app
Contact: (line ID)Bobby4ones                                       Must be active and sociable

Positions available: 3

Posted on 6/14/15 9:12:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: ImperialOrderRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  iOS Might: 90k
Leader/Pres.: Rice29Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 20:00 Server Time
Vice #1:Jeebus1289TB: Must be active ( at least 1 out of 3 )
Vice #2:ChasegodMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might:WG: 2-3 Daily
Might Ranking:  9Donations: Base on Might  120k+ Free
Shard Ranking:  8Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact: Rice29Special Requirements: Must have PD & TB Hauling
Special Incentives: Might Comps, GPCs, etc.

Rank : Might #8

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Posted on 6/14/15 10:22:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: 7SeasRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  iosMight: 80K (min)
Leader/Pres.: Thundermight
Boss Level/Time: Lvl 3 & 4
Vice #1: tratata
TB: Must be active
Vice #2: Wesvaroth
Mesa Level/Time: Lvl 4 / Daily
Might:8576676WG: Lvl 2-3
Might Ranking:  3Donations: Not required
Shard Ranking:  21Messenger Apps: LINE App
1 (Thundermight IGN)
Wesvaroth (Wesvaroth IGN)
Special Requirements: Must download LINE.
Mino, SM, Destroyer and Aries are a MUST.
Special Incentives:

I am who I am. Dun ask.
Posted on 6/14/15 11:35:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: ccaddictsRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might: 30k
Leader/Pres.: theman0924Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 21:00 Server Time
Vice #1: lirpa3TB: Must participate regularly at 20:45
Vice #2: blakecameronMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might:WG: 1-3 Daily
Might Ranking:  349Donations: 200/week
Shard Ranking:  597Messenger Apps: Line Chat (optional)
Contact:  Line ID: lirpa3Special Requirements: Must remain active
Special Incentives: 

Posted on 6/14/15 11:59:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: -eunoia-Recruitment Requirements: You must contact Guild Leader before joining (not auto accepting applications.)  You must be able to use LINE (preferred) or at least have a Facebook account to join the Group for the Guild for outside communication.   You must be fluent in English.  Only want members who can make Torch Battles.  If you miss some, no problem, but can't take anyone who can never make it.  Have to be over the age of 18 Years old to join!
Platform:  Android Might: 50,000
Leader/Pres.: TheSorcBoss Level/Time: 20:30 Server Time Boss3  5 days a week, Boss4 Monday and Thursday
Vice #1: Enoch88TB: Must be active, haul at 20:45 Server Time (No early hauling!)
Vice #2: seLoneMesa Level/Time:  Varies Daily
Might: WG: Varies Daily
Might Ranking:  352Donations: Donate what you can
Shard Ranking:  765Messenger Apps: Facebook, LINE (preferred,) In game
Contact:  LINE: thesorc
Forum: suzcrit
Special Requirements: Must have LINE installed (preferred) or at least have a Facebook account to join the Group.
Special Incentives: Guild Level X (Max Rewards)


Leader for -eunoia- (Android) Boss 3 (5 days a week) Boss 4 (Mondays and Thursdays) @ 20:30 Boss 5 @ 21:00ST.  Fortress Feud at 20:00 ST. Lava 3, 4. Members 18 years and up. Must use LINE.  Message if interested!

LINE ID: thesorc 
Posted on 6/15/15 8:34:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: ShadowrageRecruitment Requirements: Available to haul. PD preferred
Platform:  Android Might:50,000
Leader/Pres.: MuzzieBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 10:00 Server Time
TB: Must be active
Vice #2: Skeeter86
Mesa Level/Time: 4 after boss an throughout day
Might:123KWG: 2/3 After boss and throughout day
Might Ranking:  170Donations: 300 per week
Shard Ranking:  625Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  Line ID:
Special Requirements: none
Special Incentives: Max torch rewards


Leader of ShadowOfDoom
Line ID: 438536895278426
Posted on 6/15/15 9:20:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: RenegadeLords
Recruitment Requirements
Platform: Android Might:17k
Leader/Pres.: TrueHeartOfGold
Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 21:00 Server Time
Vice #1:Aaron408vr    Must be active
Vice #2: Dustbytes
Mesa Level 1, 2, 3, 4 after Boss  WG: 1 after boss 
Line Chat: TrueHeartOfGold
Requirements: Must be available for TorchWar, missing occasionally os fine but not every day.

Posted on 6/15/15 1:07:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: SGElitesRecruitment Requirements: Must have PD, Perma-stunner, Selfless, Able to attend 1 torch/week, 500 Shards Upon Joining, Free Donation (300 Weekly)
Platform:  Android Might: 160,000
Leader/Pres.: Jats123Boss Level/Time: 3 on Mod-Sat and 4 on Sunday @ 09:00 Server Time
Vice #1: IvanTB: Must be active
Vice #2: TimMesa Level/Time: Mesa 4/ After boss
Might:132mWG: 3 Daily
Might Ranking:  18Donations: 500 Upon Joining, Free Donation (Quest Board/or 300 weekly)
Shard Ranking:  105Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact: Line ID - ja.tin Special Requirements: Be Active during torch and Guild Wars
Special Incentives: None

Posted on 6/15/15 4:46:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: PanchnetRecruitment Requirements: Must have Line Chat, buy-in of 800 shards, 300 shards weekly donations.
Platform:  iOS Might: 30,000
Leader/Pres.: panchBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 20:00 Server Time
Vice #1: ashsmashingTB: Must be active
Vice #2:Mesa Level/Time: 3 - 4 Daily after Boss
Might: 3,057K total mightWG: 1 - 2 Daily after Boss
Might Ranking:  126Donations: 800 Buy-In, 300 shards/week. If you have more than 60k Might then no donations.
Shard Ranking:  95Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact: Via Line ID: vpanchalSpecial Requirements: Must have Line Chat & TB Hauling
Special Incentives: No donations with more than 60K might

Join Panchnet! T3 boss everyday @ 20:00