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[Guild] Guild Index Submission(s)

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Posted on 7/13/15 5:48:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: heygirlheyyy Recruitment Requirements: Must be able to permastun boss 3
Platform:  Android Might: 60k+ Might
Leader/Pres.: OddmutBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 22:30 Server Time
Vice #1:ctshelton4TB: Attend at least one a week
Vice #2: dillotrixMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might: 2,794,951WG: 3 Daily
Might Ranking:  409Donations: 100
Shard Ranking:  539Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  ctshelton4 or Dillotrix via Line app
Special Requirements: be awresome
Special Incentives: we're awesome

Line ID : CTShelton4
Might : 190k
Guild : CC_AllStars Top 20 Guild (Might), 150k +
Alt Guild :Heygirlheyyy Top 200 Guild (Might) 70k +
Posted on 7/13/15 11:18:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've just overtook this guild after being its member for more than year. The critical folks stopped playing so I am trying to renew the guild by getting it active again.

My nickname is wewinqa and I am 26y old woman from Central Europe. I play for more than a year and I am proud owner of Druid (150 6/10), Thunder God (149 6/10), Aries (145 5/10), Immortep (135 4/10), Cupid (132 5/10), Alanticore (131 4/10), Ninja (127 4/10), Champion (126 4/10) and lately I got Dark Knight who is momentarily at lvl 110 3/10.

The aim of renewing the guild is to play boss fights regularly, e.g.8:30 US server time. Also wrecked george and mesa 2-3 should be taking place at least twice a week if not daily.

I love this game, help me enlighten our guild and join us today!

***MD***your new guild***

You can contact me at, for guild communication we prefer to use whatsapp

Leading "MD" guild
Posted on 7/14/15 1:20:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: CechoslovaciRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might:15 000
Leader/Pres.: bakukBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 13:00 Server Time
Vice #1:chocolate-loverTB: Active if possible
Vice #2:bandaskaMesa Level/Time: 1-4 Daily after Boss and thru the day
Might:1,990kWG: 1
Might Ranking:  695Donations: None Required
Shard Ranking:  699Messenger Apps: FB Messenger

Special Requirements: Czech and Slovak players only, friendly,
communicative and not selfish, FB profile is  welcome
Special Incentives: full TB rewards, friendly guild members willing to help the others, FB group with a lot od discussion and news etc.

Posted on 7/14/15 10:11:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: u.s.a.caliRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might: 30000
Leader/Pres.: ianfantryBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 22:00 Server Time
Vice #1: lizard3TB: Must be active
Vice #2: Babyshawn2Mesa Level/Time: 4
Might: 2401852WG: 1
Might Ranking:  498Donations: 200 per week
Shard Ranking:  547Messenger Apps: Quad
Contact:  u.s.a.cali (Quad ID SE842QAX)Special Requirements: Join quad
Special Incentives: Friendly active guild

u.s.a.cali is recruiting!
Posted on 7/14/15 10:25:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: Art_Of_WarRecruitment Requirements
Platform:  Android Might: 40k
Leader/Pres.: DokuroBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 19:00, 21:00 TB days Server Time
Vice #1: McstryderTB: Must be active
Vice #2: RyuketsunobaraMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might:123KWG: 2-3 Daily
Might Ranking:  162Donations: None Required
Shard Ranking:  260Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  Henreyl on line chatSpecial Requirements: Must be active for TB
Special Incentives: Might Comps, GPCs, etc.

Posted on 7/15/15 9:06:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: TheFistofEvilRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might Requirement: 5,000 Might
Leader/Pres.: Jaysonu24Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 17:00 Server Time
Vice #1: Kev20TB: 2040
Vice #2: Sls13 (SLS13)Mesa Level/Time: All, Anytime
Might: 2611kWG: All, Anytime
Might Ranking:  448Donations: 40 Shards Daily
Shard Ranking:  377Messenger Apps: 
Contact:  Special Requirements: 
Special Incentives: You keep your torch rewards; only donate beyond 40/daily if you miss the event.

Posted on 7/17/15 1:43:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: Surf-warriorsRecruitment Requirements: We would appreciate donations where possible, just remember, no donations means no boss
Platform:  AndroidMight: 30,000
Leader/Pres.: timtom94timtom94Boss Level/Time: 3 or 2 @ 16:00 Server Time
Vice #1: SitdownsurferTB: Haven't started TB yet
Vice #2:  CrobullMesa Level/Time: Daily after Boss if people are keen
Might: 477,160WG: Daily after Boss if people are keen
Might Ranking:  3691Donations: As and when you can afford it
Shard Ranking:  95Messenger Apps: Want to start a line chat, but in game messaging is fine
Contact: Via forum ID: Tom1234Special Requirements: Must be active almost daily
Special Incentives: 41/50 spaces avaliable

Posted on 7/19/15 1:11:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Recruitment Requirements: 20k might
Platform:  Android

Might: 20k
Leader/Pres.: hyuga16(130k might)
Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 14:30 Server Time

Vice #1: konaruichi
TB: Must be active
Vice #2: uzumakiouda
Mesa Level/Time: 2-3 daily after boss

Might:1 million
WG: 1-2 
Might Ranking:  1200

Donations: 100 weekly but not obligatory
Shard Ranking: 1900
Messenger Apps: facebook

Chat Contact: facebook group. narutoxhinata cc-guild
Special Requirements: none 
Special Incentives: no donations require with 60k might

Posted on 7/20/15 5:35:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: LastCallRecruitment Requirements: Friendly, mature, active, helpful
Platform:  Android Might: 20k, but I won't turn away someone who is really interested
Leader: parheliaBoss Level/Time: 3 / 21:00 Server Time (Will do boss 4 if folks need merits)
Vice #1: sirulrickTorch Battles: Please be active hauling/defending
Vice #2: bdkinyonMesa Level/Time: 4 / Daily after boss
Might:1457753WG: 2 / Daily after boss
Might Ranking:  985Donations: 1 HBM daily
Shard Ranking:  988Messenger Apps: Line Chat (ID caylenae)
Contact:  Game: parhelia
Line ID: caylenae
Special Requirements: Just be active!!
Special Incentives: Friendly group, loyal veterans

Posted on 7/20/15 6:47:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: A$$faceRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might:5k
Leader/Pres.: dirtynammerBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 15:00 Server Time
Vice #1:onweboTB: Optional
Vice #2:scottyhillsMesa Level/Time: 4 after boss
Might:WG: 1 after mesa
Might Ranking:  Donations: 20 per day
Shard Ranking:  Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  Special Requirements: none
Special Incentives: none