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[Guild] Guild Index Submission(s)

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Posted on 6/18/15 6:07:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission.

Guild Name: PureNZ                   Recruitment Requirements

Platform: Android                        Might required:  20000

Leader: smartsunny                    Boss Time/Lvls: T3@00:00 Server time

Vice #1: micheal1432                  Torch Battles: Must be active.We get 800 shard

Vice #2: qweasdx                         Mesa: Mesa 2 & 4 daily

Might Rank: 700                          WG: 1-2 daily

Donation Rank: 573                    Donations: 100 per week if active in both TB

Messenger App: Line App        Other requirements: Must have Line chat app
                                                                                        Must attend tb or donate if not                                                                                                 attend
Contact: (line ID):janam86                                             

Positions available: 5

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Guild Submission

Guild Name: Beast_GuildRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might:
Leader/Pres.: zkr888Boss Level/Time: 3 @ 13:00 Server Time
Vice #1: lmLegendaryTB: Must be active
Vice #2: DarkBrightnessMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily after Boss
Might:45k+ / preferably 55k+WG: 2/3 daily
Might Ranking:  700Donations: 30 shards a day
Shard Ranking:  1200Messenger Apps: none
Contact:  Special Requirements: Must have PD & TB Hauling, be consistent on donations
Special Incentives: 

Posted on 6/18/15 6:24:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: AquaticDragon
Recruitment Requirements: Add Vice leaders on Line first. Must be able to speak/ understand English decently(we are a majority English speaking guild, with some members as a ESL)
Platform:  iOS 
Might Requirement:10,000k + with decent lineup and potential to grow.
Leader/Pres.: MiaZatanna
Vice #1: Aquatic_Batman 
Vice #2: DragonLoh
Boss Level/Time:Boss 3 @ 23:55 server time everyday except on Torch battle days then it is at 21:00 Server Time. We also have the players who can chain/permastun wait until it is under 60 millions, so the lower might players can do as much damage as they can before boss ends.
TB: We do not haul or guard until 20:45. If you are suspected of early hauling you may be asked to provide a screenshot of your chances or booted immediately. Ask what our level is for torch battle as we are a growing guild. We do not require everyone to be present and do track TB times of every player, but strongly encourage you to participate if you are able to do so.
Mesa Level/Time: 2-4, after boss and thru out the day.
WG: 1, after boss and thru out the day
Might Ranking: top 1k
Donations: 30 per day Required, we do keep track of it and give you a chance to catch up, if you don't or are not able to be contacted you will be booted
We also track might growth from date of joining. 
Messenger Apps: LINE THIS IS REQUIRED TO JOIN!!! If you are on an iPad, use the iPhone version, the iPad version doesn't work right.
ChatContact: Aquatic_batman or Aquatic_batgirl or dragonloh76
Special Requirements: Must have a good attitude, we are a group of ppl varying in age who enjoy chatting and friendly competition. You also must have the willingness to learn. We are a growing guild that want our members to grow with us. We look at our guild as our castle clash family!

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Guild Name: KlaraRecruitment Requirements:
Must be active
Platform:  Android Might: 15K
Leader/Pres.: gggssstttBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 09:30 Server Time
Vice #1: RioShadowbunny
TB: Must be active
Vice #2: e2ek1eL
Mesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
2-3 on request
Might:123KWG: 1-2 Daily
Might Ranking:  650Donations: None Required
Shard Ranking:  870Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  LINE ID muiredne
Special Requirements: TB Hauling

Klara is recruiting -
Contact me on LINE id muiredne
Boost your Lost Battlefield rewards -
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Guild Name: VengesRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might: 80k+
Leader/Pres.: NonpkerBoss Level/Time: 4 @ 20:00 Server Time
Vice #1 D1murphyTB: Active when able
Vice #2: afraz4Mesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might: 125kWG: 2-3 Daily
Might Ranking:  97Donations: 20 daily
Shard Ranking:  359Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  Nonpker, D1murphy,afraz4Special Requirements: 165+ heroes

Leader of Venges
Might: 139k
Flames: 689
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Guild Submission

Guild Name: ObsidianSkiesRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might:  25K
Leader/Pres.: GilmorBoss Level/Time: T3 17:00 M-F, 16:00 Sat&Sun
Vice #1: tomtonTB: Must be active
Vice #2: IshmielMesa Level/Time: 4 Daily
Might: 4,565,477WG: 2 Daily
Might Ranking:  116Donations: 300 Shards Per Week
Shard Ranking:  170Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  PM LocuraNiner in Forums
or Locura in Line Messenger
Special Requirements: Must be active in Torch Battles,
Be Mature & Friendly

"On the road to revolution, our salvation's never free
There's a price for liberation, when you stand for your beliefs
When the man in the mirror takes a long hard look at me
Will the person staring back be the man I want to be?"
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Guild Name: RoyalReapersRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might: 40K+
Leader/Pres.: barreybitsBoss Level/Time: T3 06:00 Server Time Daily except on TB days (21:00 Sever Time)
Vice #1: RashimkintyTB: Must be active, but exceptions may be allowed for genuine reasons.
Vice #2: bestpiliMesa Level/Time:  3-4 Daily (After Boss)
Might: 2,416,806WG: 1-2 Daily (After Boss)
Might Ranking:  487Donations: None Required
Shard Ranking:  446Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  PM Ahmed.79 in Line MessengerSpecial Requirements: Can communicate decently in English, be able to attend Torch battles and have a good and helpful attitude.

Posted on 6/19/15 7:12:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Name: VikingdomRecruitment Requirements:
Platform:  Android Might:  40K
Leader/Pres.: LouisssssssssssBoss Level/Time: T3 1130ST Daily except on TB days (2105ST)
Vice #1: Travis4281TB: Must be active
Vice #2: minhhababyMesa Level/Time:  1-4 Daily (usually after Boss)
Might: 2,842,844WG: 1-2 Daily
Might Ranking:  374Donations: 50/Day or 300/Week
Shard Ranking:  372Messenger Apps: Line Chat
Contact:  PM TrilsikA in Forums
or louisgs in Line Messenger
Special Requirements: Can speak/understand English, able to attend Torch and good mature behaviour.

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Guild Name: CasualEliteRecruitment Requirements: Just be active and have fun!
Platform:  Android Might: 25000
Leader/Pres.: KiealeBoss Level/Time: 3 @ 21:00 Server Time
Vice #1: dudeqwertyTB: No hauling until 20:45
Vice #2: Prophet1zeDMesa Level/Time: 4 / Right after Boss
Might: 2776850WG: 2 or 3 / after Mesa
Might Ranking:  385Donations: None Required but encouraged so we can grow!
Shard Ranking:  982

Leader of CasualElite. Come join us if you are looking for a mature laid-back group. Most of us are between 75000-150000 might. We do runs at 9pm EST.
Posted on 6/19/15 4:04:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Submission

Guild Name: GOODFELLAS        Recruitment Requirements:

Platform:  AMAZON                         Might: 20k

Leader/Pres.: Bani                        Boss Level/Time: BOSS 3: Sun/Mon @ 13:00, Wed/Sat @ 20:30, T/Th/Fr @ 20:30

Vice #1:        ChiefDog                       TB: Optional , but participation preferred. 800 shards, 10k hb

Vice #2:        Blighty1969                  Mesa Level/Time: MESA 4 daily at random times, usually around Boss time

Might: 2,763,000                         WG: 1-3 Daily

Might Ranking:  22                       Donations: 200 per week

Shard Ranking:  28                       Messenger Apps: N/A

Contact: Bani                                     Special Requirements: HAUL @ early hauls for torch battle.
                                                                                                 Mature players only please. No drama. Have fun!

GOODFELLAS is recruiting competitive GW players. (AMAZON)